"Neither heroes nor rescuers" … sources reveal what the coming days hide in Libya


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An Italian agency quoted sources that it described as "informed", surprising details of what the coming days of the Libyan state will bear in the medium term, amid the state of fighting and chaos in the country for years.

These sources told Italian news agency (AKI) that "no one is saving Libya from its current crisis, centered on the weakness of Al-Sarraj, the hostility of the international community, and the coup announced by Khalifa Hifter, in addition to the attack on Tripoli, the capital."

The same sources added that the most important goal now is to stop the fire, and then rebuild the Libyan institutions.

In the same context, a diplomatic meeting was convened at the invitation of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Prime Minister reiterated during the meeting that "outside the political solution, there is only paralysis and predicament, and that procrastination is stained with blood, whatever it may be, with the risk of destabilizing the country and the entire region as a whole."

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