Nearly 6,000 sexual assaults on Uber rides in the US registered


Again and again, the carrier Uber lands in the media because of accidents and crimes. Now the US company has taken a stand-alone case and released a report outlining the case numbers – they are significant, but not terribly high given millions of rides. This is reported by CNN.

According to the report, the car broker has received nearly 6000 sexual assaults in the past two years. 464 of them are rape been. In 2018, 3045 cases of sexual harassment were reported, slightly more than the year before (2936).

Uber indicated in the report that there was a gap between media-reported incidents and actual victim statistics. In previous media reports, 92 percent of female passengers were named victims of sexual assault. Accordingly, only eight percent of the victims were drivers.

In reality, however, passengers made up nearly half of the accused in sexual assaults. In 54 percent of the drivers were the defendants, so the statistics.

In addition, according to the report, in the period 2017 to 2018 a total of 19 people were killed in raids. Uber points out, however – 99.9 percent of all journeys were without problems. Last but not least, over the past two years, more tools have been created to increase safety for drivers and passengers and 44,000 drivers refused.

The number of accidents and crimes must be seen in the context of the high number of 2.3 billion journeys provided by the service provider in 2017 and 2018. In the US alone, in the two years under review, over three million trips were made daily via Uber, the company, which has been listed since May, continued to report. In 2019 the number is almost daily four million gone up.

Uber emphasized that physical or sexual assault, accident death, or fatal attack on 0.0003 percent of the mediated rides were done. That was an incident per 690 000 journeys.

Worldwide, the service is active in more than 700 cities, but it is also controversial. For example, in London Uber had recently lost his license because the transport authority accused the car-broker of the threat to passengers.

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