National Lottery Administration 'Big bonus is unsold ticket' response to the claim


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National Lottery Administration (MPI) General Manager Bekir Yunus Ucar, the recent days, large bonuses unsold on the ticket about the allegations "In the last 18 draws to our associates, winners do not pay any prize," he said.

Participating in the NTV live broadcast of the National Lottery Administration (MPI) General Manager Bekir Yunus Ucar, in recent days, the agenda, the largest bonuses sold unsolicited answered the claims. Ucar, “In the last 18 draws, there is no lottery for which we do not pay bonuses to our participants and winners. For example, the year 2019, for example, we have made 32 draws to date, and in these 32 draws, only 3 draws hit, hit the big bonus numbers remained in the administration. These were transferred into this bonus rate of 80 million pounds " he said.

Ucar, the big jackpot sold until the ticket is obliged to continue the draw until the legally valid only in the New Year's lottery, he stressed.

80 million pounds of large bonuses determined how the amount told. Ucar, Uz We calculate the maximum of bonuses, tickets sold and bonuses distributed throughout the year and we have set a bonus of 64 percent. This amounted to 80 million TL ” said. Ucar, 2019 New Year's draw, which is the big bonus of 70 million TL to the end of the year if the winner will be transferred to the public, he said.

Fly, Ikram The bonuses not received by the end of the year are transferred to our treasury as public share in school construction, hospital construction and as public share for dormitory for our students ” said.

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