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The Ministry of National Education (MEB), 'MEB and Arcelik coding classes protocol discrimination' allegations made in the press about some of the press release made a statement about the news.

In a statement made by the Ministry, 'Discrimination in the coding classes protocol of the Ministry of National Education and Arcelik: Imam hatip schools will certainly not be made a statement about the news titled. "Digital Wings" Project Cooperation Agreement between our General Directorate of Basic Education and Arcelik A.S. was signed on 25.11.2019. Criteria 'and the statement to be taken into consideration in order to prevent misrepresentation is given in this section The cooperation protocols cover the schools to which the general directorates are affiliated. There are a number of similar collaborative efforts to plan and implement the environment and activities. The scope of the protocol was expanded and the participation of the General Directorate of Religious Education to which Imam Hatip Secondary Schools were affiliated was also ensured. Presented with respect to public knowledge".

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