Miqdad: We will not forget the exploits of Sheikh Zayed .. We will liberate Idlib and northern Syria with Arab friends and brothers


Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad said that the US plundering of Syria's wealth is an occupation that will bring resistance.

Al-Miqdad stressed that Syria will regain its sovereignty over all its territory from the grip of terrorism and the Turkish occupation army with the help of Arab friends, allies and brothers, calling on the separatist dreams to return to their minds and conscience as long as time is available.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister said in a speech during his participation in the celebration of a ceremony held by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Damascus on the occasion of the forty-eighth National Day of the United Arab Emirates, in which he stressed that the Syrians celebrate the UAE holidays as they celebrate their national holiday, The Syrian people.

Al-Miqdad said in his speech before the ceremony: "We do not share only that the United Arab Emirates bears the name of Arabism in the name of the state as when we talk about the Syrian Arab Republic, but when thinking goes beyond the headlines and labels, the blood-weft, belonging and joy of achievements." The victories in our two countries are deeper and conscience embedded in the soul.

Al-Miqdad told the Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem when he was in London in 1973 during the outbreak of the October war between the Syrian and Egyptian armies, and the Israeli occupation army from the other, where he was summoned by the late UAE President HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan to his residence in London. He asked him to tell the late President Hafez al-Assad that all the UAE's capabilities were at Syria's disposal to win this war.

Mekdad said: How can Syria, led by the late President Hafez al-Assad in the October war, and now led by President Bashar al-Assad to forget this exploit to His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan ?.

He added: When we celebrate the UAE's National Day in Damascus, we consider ourselves to be celebrating our national holidays, and how happy we were – from the generation of the departure of foreign forces from the UAE and unifying them – how happy we were then in the streets and squares of Damascus and throughout the Syrian Arab Republic with this victory and this great achievement for our people. In the United Arab Emirates.

"Of course, we cannot forget that the United Arab Emirates has stood by Syria in its war on terror," Mekdad said. "This was expressed by welcoming the UAE, without any conditions or harassment to all Syrians who chose it until this terrorist war ends." Syria, and therefore "say thank you to our brothers in the United Arab Emirates."

Al-Miqdad pointed to the participation of the United Arab Emirates in the recent Arab summit held in Damascus and the participation of His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan at that summit at the head of a large delegation from the UAE.

Al-Miqdad said: "Syria used to look to all our Arab brothers that any achievement they achieve is also an achievement for us. We are proud, as our brothers in the UAE, are proud of the achievements made by the UAE in the economic, cultural and cultural fields. Based in the United Arab Emirates, we consider that these are also the headquarters of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Regarding the situation in Syria, Miqdad said: "We thank God for achieving great victories in our war on terrorism. The Syrian territories belong to the sovereignty of the Syrian state. What remains in the hands of terrorist organizations in Idlib and in the grip of the Turkish occupation forces in the north of Syria will return home." Supporting our brothers in the Arab countries and stopping some of the brothers who were impressed by the game of terrorism and submitting to the dictates of the West to play in the Arab situation.We are facing difficulties and we are exposed to real dangers that require all of us to stand by each other.What if this danger is terrorism that no country can, Not just in For the Arab region, but throughout the world to confront and address it because it is a threat to the world.

Al-Miqdad continued by saying: I assure everyone that Syria is under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and thanks to the standing of its army and sacrifices and the support of friends and allies on our side, continue to achieve achievements until the liberation of the last grain of our national soil, we say to everyone who is still betting on US support for separatist trends far from The national interest The time is still available for them to move away from these illusions because Syria will not accept the loss of a single grain of soil from their land, and they must return to their mind and conscience because these illusions sown in Israel and the United States and Western countries in their minds and chest will not be silent B her success, whatever the size of US and Western support for these.

Miqdad addressed the United States, repeating what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said: We do not consider the presence of the United States and looting of the Syrian national wealth only a kind of occupation and this occupation will bring resistance, and Syria will not silence the people, leadership, friends and allies and let me tell brothers to waste corn It is one of Syria or any other Arab country.

Al-Miqdad wished the Charge d'affaires of the UAE Embassy in Damascus "convey the congratulations of the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic to our brothers and to His Highness the President of the United Arab Emirates and to her leadership on this occasion precious to the Syrian people."

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