Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed Parliament on Libya agreement


Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary informed the Commission about the agreement on the delimitation of the maritime jurisdiction areas signed between Libya, Turkey. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kiran, "technical terms, political terms, economic terms, an important contribution to our country will be an agreement," he said.

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission'In which was signed in Istanbul on 27 November, the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Libyan National Accord between the Government of the Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Limitation of Jurisdiction in the Mediterranean Sea' came up. Commission Chairman of the AK Party Contact volkan directlyWith tal s demand Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials also gave information about the agreement, which created a discussion, answered the questions of MPs.

Deputy Minister Kıran: An agreement that will make a very important contribution to our country

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Contact selim directlySaid he gained a different dimension of the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean when Turkey became a follower rights in the context of international law and it continued to take the decisive step. Kıran continued his words as follows:

"Especially Libyan National Reconciliation Government President Mr. serracar last week our country to visit with signed two agreement occasion, Libya our cooperation and Libya cooperation which we, as well as in the eastern Mediterranean our rights in the interests of the context of Turkey has reached a different point. In this sense The Memorandum of Understanding on the Restriction of Marine Jurisdictions was extremely critical.

This agreement has natural priorities, has consequences, has consequences, and we conclude that some actors of the international community are also trying to manipulate some countries willing to take unilateral steps in the Eastern Mediterranean. In this sense, I would like to emphasize that it is an agreement in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and international law with every article of the agreement. It is an agreement that will make a significant contribution to our country in terms of technical, political and economic terms. ”

'We care about the acceptance of the Parliament in a short time'

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kıran emphasized that they attach importance to the transfer of the memorandum of understanding to the Turkish Grand National Assembly and to be accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. “In this sense, it is very important that all political parties are in a position to support this agreement in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and in our Parliament. said.

Ambassador Erciyes: We have determined the border of Libya with continental shelf and exclusive economic zone

Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes, General Director of Bilateral Political Affairs and Maritime-Aviation-Border, told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Erciyes Anlaşma Our agreement with Libya on November 27 was an important step in determining our maritime jurisdictions in the Eastern Mediterranean, this continental shelf and our exclusive economic zone. As you know, in 2011 we made a continental shelf restriction agreement with the TRNC. This is a bilateral agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean, which constitutes the second agreement. With an 18.6-mile border line, we set the border with Libya for continental shelf and exclusive economic zone. This is 45 miles from Crete ” said.

'The agreement is fully in accordance with international law'

Çağatay Erciyes reminded that some countries claim to be in contravention of international law after the agreement was signed.

"We completely rejected these views. The agreement is fully in accordance with international law. Because the rule of international law in the limitation of the continental shelf and exclusive economic zone is that the limitation is fair. the island of automatically continental shelf and exclusive no right to create economic zones. cared for the special position of the islands in the restrictions, is looking to coastal length, is looking at their regions and international court decisions also can not be in any way maritime jurisdiction areas of the islands in the bilateral agreements. acting in Turkey with the fairness principle This agreement was signed with Libya and therefore it is very great that this agreement was approved both by us and by Libya and notified to the United Nations as soon as possible. is important. "

'Turkey and the steps towards isolating nature of the answer carries'

This agreement is also intended to isolate Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean-Greek Cypriot duo noted that the move is a response to the steps taken by the Ambassador of Erciyes, "You know, the Greek-Greek bilateral or trilateral cooperation mechanism established by the gas forum they were watching a policy of containment of Turkey in the region. This agreement, in a sense, constitutes an answer to this. Turkey as the country with the longest length in the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the region can not be without any step has been taken, the agreement can not be any indication of a concrete step was successful " he said.

'No military issues in it, a purely general maritime jurisdiction limitation agreement'

Cagatay Erciyes, said the agreement made with respect to Libya's eastern Mediterranean policy, stressing that Turkey is very important, “Because we have signed an agreement with a third country on our borders. This is a very important agreement both for the protection of our rights and for the protection of the rights of Libya. The agreement is a general maritime jurisdiction limitation agreement. Everyone asks ‘Are there any military issues?‘ No, there is no such thing. A completely general maritime jurisdiction limitation agreement. Determined seas between Libya and Turkey " said.

To enter into force upon approval by the Cabinet of Ministers in Libya

Umit Ozdağ from the GOOD Party said,,The agreement was signed, of course, there is a constitutional structure in Libya. How will it come into force within the framework of this constitutional structure, and how will it be approved there? ” Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kiran “The Libyan side will discuss this in the Council of Ministers” replied. Ozdağ's, “There are comments on the Libyan side that there may be a problem in ratification. Can something like that happen?" Kiran on the question in the form of, “Of course, there are some manipulation efforts by the parties that this agreement is causing discomfort, there are some debates stemming from the political situation in Libya, but we signed this agreement with the legitimate Government recognized by the UN and the legitimate Government has no hesitation about it. On the contrary, they mutually agree that they will be signed and put into effect as soon as possible ” he said. Kiran, Ozdag, the agreement on the signing of the Council of Ministers in Libya, the question of whether to complete the approval process, “Yes, yes, it will complete on the Libyan side” replied.

Kıran: The TRNC government and the public support the agreement

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran also spoke on the question of Tulay Hatımoğulları of HDP regarding the approach of Northern Cyprus to this agreement.Of course, in the eastern Mediterranean it is closely developments in the TRNC with Turkey. In this sense, we know that both the TRNC Government and the TRNC people support this agreement, and they make it clear ” said.

Kiran also evaluated the attitude of France, "National Reconciliation Government of France the criticism … of course, in France, especially recently surprised us as well against steps that Turkey has every horse, unbecoming to a state degree in common sense and continues to do away explanations from common sense, we followed the description in the framework of NATO yesterday. France's attitude obviously doesn't really interest us. Turkey, international law and international law arising from the sense of stability and their efforts to dominate the region that peace will continue regardless of the attitude of other countries " he said.

No hydrocarbon sources found?

Deputy Foreign Minister Kıran, Mu Has hydrocarbon resources been found or not? ” on questions such as, "Obviously, time to leave, especially under pressure Turkey by Greece that pumps the news we know, we've detected. Here in Turkey found gas drilling vessels, hydrocarbon resources has reached a number of conclusions in activities … such as Turkey wants to open by pumping news confronts an extra pressure. Of course, we are also struggling with these perception operations. We continue our exploration activities on the one hand, but there is essential that Turkey's sovereign rights. The struggle here is also a struggle for sovereignty, which is how we see it. On the one hand, therefore, we continue our exploration activities and pursue our sovereign rights arising from international law. he said.

Expected to be discussed quickly in Parliament

Meanwhile, the agreement is expected to be discussed tomorrow (5 December) at the TGNA Foreign Commission. The agreement will be submitted to the approval of the President after being accepted at the General Assembly. With the approval of the President and publication in the Official Gazette, the agreement will be formally entered.

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