Minister Institution: Channel Istanbul is the freedom project of the Bosphorus


Agency, the General Assembly of the agriculture ministry's budget speech in 2020 to the industry, in order 100 annual planning of the city up to the green fields of transportation they start Turkey Spatial Strategy Plan and the work said they would finish in 2020.

‘We will ensure the transformation of 1.5 million priority homes

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's urban transformation mobilization started in 2012 under the order of 1 million 350 thousand housing transformed the institution, "more than 5 million citizens have provided the safety of life and property. Within the project so far we have used approximately 13 billion pounds. Provincial Bank 4 billion pounds of credit, we provide financial support up to 50 percent. Urgent priority will be transformed 1.5 million housing, "he said.

Underlining that the construction of 65 thousand residences in Istanbul, 25 thousand of which are under construction, continue with the demolition of the Yeşilyurt Apartment Building in Kartal in February. I hope we will deliver it to the right holders after 15 days. We are determined to continue our urban transformation efforts in Gaziosmanpaşa, GungOren, Uskudar, Ataşehir, Başakşehir, Zeytinburnu and Beyoğlu districts. "
The Authority announced that the tenders will be held in January within the scope of the studies in Çapa Medical Faculty and Cerrahpaşa.
Ministry as "Climate Change Action Plan" announced that the Authority, the river on the route of housing within the scope of the transport of Araklı and Giresun'da began to build about 500 houses, he said.

Institution, Ankara Hergelen Square, Konya Mevlana Square, Nigde Kaleici, Erzurum Haci Cuma, Kastamonu Nasrullah Mosque and the surrounding area, Afyon with Misri and Imaret Mosque around, Kayseri Kaleici, Bursa Ulu Mosque and around the project, they said.

‘Every nation garden disaster gathering center’

Stating that the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI) produced 857 thousand houses between 2003-2019 with an investment of approximately 160 billion liras, the Authority made an investment of 16 billion liras with TOKI in 2019 and realized the sale of 31 thousand new houses in 10 months. citizens also expressed that they delivered the housing.

The institution, 6 provinces, the size of 4 million 900 thousand square meters, 13 nation garden, reminding the opening, 60 provinces, approximately 35 million square meters of 134 nation garden area, he said.

Nation gardens in 2020 will serve the citizens of 38 provinces stating that the Authority, by 2023 will complete all the projects of the garden of the nation, he said.

Expressing that each nation's garden is a disaster gathering center, the organization said that citizens can be collected in the garden in the event of an earthquake.

Mucadele Combating climate change is now a matter of national security ’

The institution, Ayder, Uzungol, Cappadocia, Salda and Bodrum, especially in all the coastal and bays detected in the detection and destruction of 4 thousand 200 illegal structures, said they realized the destruction, showed the change in these places with photos.

Reminding that they have announced the Climate Change Action Plan in the Black Sea, the Authority said that they will announce climate change action plans for other provinces.

Zero Waste Project

Institution, as a result of making plastic bags paid as a result of a reduction of 77 percent by explaining, when the project is over, annually saving 20 billion pounds, 100 thousand people will provide direct employment, he added.

Opposition lawmakers "What was the money from plastic bags?" The question of the Institution, "14 thousand projects in the last 16 years, we have provided a total of 2.5 billion pounds ministry. 220 million pounds from plastic bags came in 2019. 659 projects for our environmental projects have provided 527 million support. Inbound projects have spent twice the amount of environmental projects "We replied.

‘Kanal Istanbul is a project to protect and rescue the Bosphorus

Referring to the EIA process related to the Channel Istanbul Project, the Authority continued his speech as follows:
"As the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we see Kanal Istanbul as an extremely important project for the future of our country with its coastal structures, marinas, container ports and logistics centers. We would like to underline that we carry out our project by keeping environmental sensitivity at the highest level.

"Channel Istanbul is a project to protect and rescue the Bosphorus. It is the freedom project of the Bosphorus," the Authority said, adding that the ship traffic in the Bosphorus had a negative impact on water balance.

Hicbir No such throat alone can handle such a burden ’

The Authority, 6 major accidents since the 1960s, 108 thousand tons of oil flowing into the throat and 100 people died, recalling, "Such a load can not handle any strait alone. Hopefully, we will take the burden of the Bosphorus and Istanbul with the Bosphorus. ni will leave a much more beautiful legacy to future generations. One more difficult to compensate for this and similar events in the Bosphorus, we are working to avoid ".
The AK Party, in the last 18 years, 82 million citizens in need of cities, each of the project needs to implement each institution individually, "Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridge, Istanbul Airport and As we have implemented our city hospitals, we will do Channel Istanbul in the same way and offer them to our citizens. " used.

‘Bosphorus certainly does not open to zoning’

Pointing out that the authority to regulate the Bosphorus Law is the Assembly, "This is not a CHP, the AK Party issue. This issue is not a matter of giving and receiving authority from the Metropolitan. The discretion of the Assembly. We have to comply with that decision if the Assembly decides," he said.

Stating that the Bosphorus issue concerns the lives of 82 million people, not 16 million Istanbulites, "The Bosphorus certainly does not open to zoning. We preserve the historical and natural texture and silhouette of the Bosphorus. We increase the green areas. We must deal with illegal construction in the Bosphorus. has gone beyond being a problem that the administrations can solve, it has become a national problem, "he said.

Regarding thermal power plants, the Authority stated that the 13 thermal power plants are in a different situation compared to each other and said that they will do what is necessary on 1 January 2020 in accordance with the environmental legislation.

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