MH17: New proposal by private investigator Resch for objective education


The international investigators in the case MH17 and the leading Dutch prosecutor's office do not want to examine the information offered by private investigator Josef Resch. They are bothered by his demand that this should happen publicly. Resch has now made another offer to help clear up the disaster.

The German private investigator Josef Resch wants to appear as a witness in the announced lawsuit for the crash of the Malaysian passenger aircraft with the flight number MH17 in July 2014 over the eastern Ukraine. That's what Resch's lawyer Christian Schlichting told the leading Dutch public prosecutor's office at the end of November.
In the words of the lawyer, Resch wants to try once again to contribute with his knowledge of important evidence to clarify the MH17 disaster. His previous offer to investigators of the Joint Investigative Team (JIT) and its leader, Dutch Public Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, to hand over hitherto disregarded facts on the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 disaster on July 17, 2014, remained unanswered. He had set a deadline until October 18 this year, which let the JIT elapse.
The Dutch public prosecutor's office had written Resch's lawyer again on 4 November. It stated that there was interest in the documents, but not on the terms as requested by the private investigator. The only condition was that he could publicly hand over the materials in the presence of representatives of the States involved in the Enlightenment and by international media, including for his own safety. This was rejected by the Dutch prosecutor from the beginning. The correspondence can be read online on the website of the detective agency of the private investigator.

New chance as a witness?

He then decided to make himself available as a witness in the process, Resch told Sputnik. It remains "now as the only possibility that my client is heard in the proceedings you announced in The Hague in a public meeting as a witness," said Resch's lawyer to the prosecutor. "For this purpose, both for you and for the defendants of the defendants as well as any co-plaintiff representatives, there are opportunities to submit evidence requests naming my client as a witness."

The lawyer points out that the highest security measures planned for the announced trial in The Hague show that Resch's desire for security is appropriate. "As much security as my client needs in the course of the offered disclosure."

There are no better safeguards than the greatest possible publicity for his client given the importance of the matter, according to Resch's lawyer. "This desired public, in turn, should actually be in the interest of all concerned, so that it can be ruled out that anything (intentional or unintentional) is misunderstood. In addition, this publicity is also the prerequisite for the highest possible level of transparency. "That's exactly what the private investigator does.

Is not truth wanted?

In the proposed trial, four suspects, three Russians and one Ukrainian, are said to be charged. They are said to have been responsible for the alleged launch of the passenger aircraft by a ground-to-air missile of the type "Buk". The JIT claims that a Buk-type anti-aircraft missile, delivered by Russia and fired by East Ukrainian rebels, brought the Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft with 298 passengers from the sky five years ago. For a long time there have been doubts about this variant, voiced by weapons experts and journalists.

In September 2014, Resch was instructed by a Swiss middleman to award a reward for clues to circumstances and backers of the alleged launch of MH17: $ 30 million. His client was "a great stranger with a lot of money," as Capital magazine wrote, "And the enemies he makes are powerful. Nobody wants to hear the truth he seeks. Because it could have the potential to provoke a political earthquake. "In June 2015, the private investigator posted on its website that the mission was completed.

The international JIT investigators and the Dutch public prosecutor's office have repeatedly publicly asked for more information on the MH-17 disaster in recent months. Why they do not respond to Resch's offer is not only unclear to him.

Why are materials not spotted?

Also interesting is the silence of large German media and their investigative reporters on the process, although they were informed by Resch. After all, it should be new, previously ignored facts about the disaster of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Resch only wanted to help openly and impartially solve the catastrophe, as he emphasized to Sputnik.

"Mistakes are made in the clearing up of the matter with the intention of repairing a mistake that has been made, and the inabilities of the key executives should never be underestimated," says the experienced private investigator. If it is repeatedly stated that independent education is the goal, it is incomprehensible why the materials offered by him are not spotted and then assessed.

His lawyer wrote in his last letter to the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office: "My client points out that, according to his review, the evidence he has previously provided about the events, including people, is absolutely relevant to the assessment and assessment of the responsibility and the disclosure will confirm it , The evidence speaks in accordance with the communication of my client for all those who have taken the material so far, a clear language and in particular the persons responsible for the shooting clear. This will allow all those involved in the process as well as the public to be able to form their own image and make their own assessment. "

Does Negotiation for Enlightenment?

Schlichting added: "According to Mr Resch, the inclusion of this material is in any case indispensable for an assessment of the transactions." All the less, it is understandable that the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office has so far avoided checking and including the material. For the private investigator, it remains a fundamental condition, the information known to him "only in the presence of the public" can be presented.

"My client expressly points out that the trial in The Hague was initiated solely to clarify the responsibility for launching flight MH 17 in order to convict the perpetrators and not for any political interests – from whatever side – to serve, "it says in the lawyer's letter.
Resch hopes that "now the announced trial can bring about a clarification in appreciation of all evidence", while so far the impression of a unilateral investigation by the JIT has arisen. In addition, the four suspects are indeed suspicious for the official investigators, but nothing more. Whether they are actually guilty, the court has to clarify – which can lead to completely different results, when all the evidence has been spotted, including those of Resch.

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