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Two Mexican students of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) created a revolutionary bioplastic that is made with mango skin and cactus juice – a kind of cactus.

For having created some straws – also known as cigarettes and straws – Itzel Paniagua and Alondra Montserrat Lopez won the first prize of the University Fair of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The two young women reported that they were inspired by the desire to do something for the environment and that they realized it in a wave of videos showing the damage caused by the plastic.

"Why not do something that can help the environment and that benefits us all, and from there with work we reach the end?" Alondra said.

The straws they make are a little thicker than those made of plastic and brown. They also smell a little mango, but they do not affect the taste of the liquid that is absorbed with their help, the young women stand out.
The two Mexican students plan to test the commercial potential of these straws and patent the product. The single-use ones pose a serious problem for the environment, since many are used daily and eventually end up in the trash.

For example, in the city of Buenos Aires alone, two million straws are used per month in coffee shops and shopping centers, which is equivalent to throwing 1.7 tons of plastic. In fact, for this reason the Government of the Argentine capital banned the expedition of plastic ones, as did several countries in the world.

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