Melania's weird dress color at NATO party + photo


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Presidential Spouse Melania Trump wore an unusual outfit for a NATO leaders' party at Buckingham Palace in London.

USA Today's Sputnik reports.

In the first lady's recorded pictures, the bright yellow coat that reaches below her knees is covered with purple shoes and sleeves.

Members of the Imperial family were dressed in standard clothing. For example, Queen Elizabeth II wore a simple coat and skirt. Prince Charles' wife wore a red shirt with a black coat.

Social network users analyzed the first lady's dress. One user wrote, "Damn, what are you wearing? I love your style, but this one is really terrible. "Another user wrote," What a terrible choice. "This is not the right choice for such a ceremony."

But some users praised him and wrote, "Great appearance, especially the shoes you wear."

Another user wrote, "The color selection is great."

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