Melania biography tells the story of first lady hitting Trump's hand


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The newly released Melania biography argues that the scene in which Trump was struck by his wife in his hand was important. "The width of the red carpet was not big enough for Trump's waist size and his easily distracted attention.

In the memory of US President Donald Trump, who was struck by his wife, whom he wanted to hold hands with during his first visit abroad in May 2017, the memory was engraved, and a book claiming to illuminate this scene and Melania Trump's other secrets was published.

CNN's White House Correspondent Kate Bennett'ın released on Tuesday 'Free, Melania' US first lady's unauthorized biography, the US President's landing at the airport in Israel, the scene is under investigation by his wife is under investigation.

Journalist Kate Bennett, who argues that the scene in which arrogant, arrogant, self-commanding situations are reversed globally by Trump's wife, is important, Melania will flick Trump on the planet, so nothing will happen to Trump He is the only person who can say what he thinks in his face.

In his book, Bennett analyzes that scene:

"The Netanyahu couple and the Trump couple were supposed to have a quad photo pose, even a monkey could do it. But as often as Trump forgot his wife and was too late when he remembered that he was there."

"The four were still in harmony as they moved towards the cameras. The Netanyahu couple were holding hands, the Trump couple were not, Melania was left behind, almost going out of the red carpet. Both honored the white flag on the Israeli flag and the symbol of peace, the specially selected Michael Kors Collection". Melania, dressed in a skirt jacket, had fallen back, the width of the red carpet was not large enough for Trump's waist size and easy distractions, so Melania was left behind, unable to keep up with the other trio, strangely falling into the position of 'submissive woman walking behind her man'. he didn't like it. "

Bennett expressed the following in an interview:

"I find it wrong that Melania Trump is the silent person behind the sunglasses. Behind the scenes, the President's voice is his advisor, who speaks many times over the phone. Melania, Trump's eyes and ears outside the Fox News channel. "I think Melania speaks more directly to Trump than anyone else, because she can."

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