MAS, without Evo Morales, plans to elect presidential candidate in Bolivia


LA PAZ (Sputnik) – The Movement To Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia intends to appoint its presidential candidate on December 7, with its historical leader Evo Morales for the first time out of consideration, as deputies of that party announced to journalists .

"It has been summoned to the extension that will take this important decision with all the departmental, regional and municipal directorates of the MAS, trade union, peasant and indigenous organizations, originating authorities and all the organizations that are part of the change process," said deputy Sonia Brito .

The deputy, one of the spokesmen of the MAS in parliament, added that the meeting will be held in Cochabamba (center), capital of the homonymous department in whose jurisdiction is the Chapare, base of the coca producer unions led by Morales, ruler overthrown last month and now asylum in Mexico.
Morales He has been the only presidential candidate presented by the MAS since its incursion in the Bolivian electoral contests, losing only in the first one, in 2002.

In his last application, last October 20, the indigenous leader emerged victorious for the fourth consecutive time, but the result unleashed opposition protests which became a coup led by civic committees with support from the military and police.
Among the possible candidates of the MAS for the elections that will be held in the first half of 2020, local media coincidentally mentioned the former Minister of Economy, Luis Arce; to the former ambassador to the OAS, Jose Alberto Gonzales; to former Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca; and to the vice president of coca growers, Andronico Rodriguez.
Another deputy of the MAS, Edgar Montano, confirmed that the meeting will be attended not only by representatives of the group's militants but by all the social organizations that identify with the "process of change" led by Morales for almost 14 years.

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