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LONDON (Reuters) – Manchester United have failed to control Aston Villa's game, the Manchester United manager said on Sunday, saying the club was unhappy with their current status.

The United host Aston Villa at home at the Old Trafford Dream Theater, and after a goal for Lindelov, a draw came just two minutes later, and the team missed many easy chances to win.

"We didn't play as a team today, we failed to control the game, we had to do better," Solshire told the news conference after the game. "Our young players are learning and developing, it is natural that sometimes there is a discrepancy in performance among young people."

"We sometimes failed to control the game, but now we can't do anything about it. We have to work as a team and unite better. Aston Villa had a lot of counter-attacks because of the way we are today."

"These young players will get better and learn from this experience. As a club, we don't like to be in our current position, but this is the reality for us now. Wednesday we have a big game and then we play Saturday, and the players look forward to all the games."

The draw today put United in ninth place with 18 points, 22 points behind leaders England's Liverpool, who qualified for the Champions League, where the first goal of the Solshire Battalion this season, and when asked whether the goal exists or became difficult, answered a very diplomatic response.

United will face Tottenham on Wednesday night at Old Trafford in a game expected to be on a hot plate that made Jose Mourinho the Spurs supervisor and was only a coach of the Red Devils.

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