Maduro: "Fight against climate change is against overexploited economic systems"


CARACAS (Sputnik) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reiterated his commitment against climate change, which goes through the fight against war economic systems, said in a letter addressed to the heads of state participating in the Conference on Change Climate (COP25) in Madrid.

"That is why there can be no climate justice without social justice; the fight against climate change is a fight against overexploited and war economic systems, against irresponsible economic growth and unbridled consumerism," says the letter published by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on the social network Twitter.

According to the text, Venezuela signed the 2015 Paris agreement as an expression of a common will to act against the ravages of climate change.

"We have since warned that deforestation, land conversion, desertification, alterations of freshwater systems (…) constitute variables and categories that identify with the retrograde capitalist model"notes the letter.
Venezuela participates in COP25, where there is a government delegation headed by the Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez.
The COP25 conference, organized by the UN and held in Madrid after the cancellation of its original headquarters, Santiago de Chile, by the protests against the Government that have been a month and a half, will focus on the crucial steps that need to be taken to combat climate change.

One of the main objectives of the COP25 participants will be to complete several tasks that are needed to fully implement the Paris Agreements.

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