Living with a disability: what progress was made and what remains to be done


On the occasion of International Disability Day, we talked with two organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of these people. One through the development and sale of prostheses for those who have suffered an amputation and the other through voluntary activities of labor insertion and social integration.

December 3 is celebrated on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a date declared in 1992 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, with the aim of promoting their rights and welfare in society. These are a minority in the world and tend to present even more difficulties than other groups in accessing areas such as education and the labor market.

"We do not take this day as a celebration but as a commemoration to refer to the rights that remain to be acquired. There are laws that are not being enforced, such as the Accessibility Law. Minimal things so that they can move freely, such as the construction of ramps do not exist, "said Carolina Abeiro, communication coordinator of the MEDIHOME Foundation in Argentina.

It also highlights the need to promote a greater labor inclusion: that the quota of 4% of people with disabilities in state jobs be complied with and that private agents be forced to do the same.
From the Foundation they work in three main axes: the artistic, the labor and the volunteering. The first includes a cycle of art exhibitions, the second a catering service composed of a group of women with disabilities and the third includes awareness campaigns in the city of La Plata, where they are located.
For its part, the Argentine company Bernat Orthopedics It offers prostheses with the highest technology for amputees and psychological support in order to have the life they had before.

"We try to accompany our patients, provide containment and help them get everything they want. After the amputation the person feels that his life is over, but we want them to return to sports, to return to the faculty, to take a collective ", concluded the commercial manager Silvina Fernandez.

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