Liverpool vs Everton (5-2) goals in the English league


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Liverpool beat Everton 5-2 at Anfield in the Reds, in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Liverpool's Devoke Origi scored twice, Sherdan Shakiri, Trent Alexander Arnold and Sadio Mane in the minutes (6, 17, 27, 31, 45, 90), while Everton scored Michael Keane and Richardson in the 21st and 48th minutes.

Liverpool vs Everton (5-2)

During that period or even in the years of glory that preceded it, Liverpool may not have provided such a first half against their neighbor with great passes and great effectiveness in front of the goal thanks to two goals from Devok Origi and one for both Sherdan Shakiri and Sadio Mane.

Liverpool beat Jurgen Klopp's 100th Premier League win in the most goal-scoring match at the Merseyside 86-year-old, setting his record for 32 consecutive league games.

Liverpool have 43 points, eight ahead of Leicester City who beat Watford and 11 points from champions Manchester City.

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