Libyan Army: Our battle has become against the "Turkish ambitions" in Libyan territory


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"The battle has become against Turkish ambitions in Libyan territory," Libyan military spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said.

According to Saudi Arabia's website, al-Mesmari said in remarks on Wednesday that "the Libyan army will face with full force the agreement concluded by Fayez al-Sarraj with Turkey, which threatens the wealth and sovereignty of Libya."

He said during a press conference that the Libyan Air Force imposes absolute control over the airspace of the country, stressing that the battle of the Libyan army "aims to prevent IS and al-Qaeda from barricading in safe haven on Libyan territory."

The Libyan army spokesman said that the army "made all arrangements to restructure some units in the West."

Al-Mesmari said that the armed forces "managed to advance in the ministry of Khallet al-Furjan and the plateau in the west." The armed forces are making important progress in Azizia.

The Libyan army spokesman broadcast a video of popular demonstrations in Tripoli against the militias.

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