Korean leader Kim opens spa center for people to benefit from winter tourism


North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un opened a spa center for winter holidays in the country. At the opening broadcast by the state television, the facility together with the people 'high civilization in socialism' will benefit.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-unparticipated in the opening of a spa center as part of his country 's' high civilization in socialism' projects.

Opening images, Korea Central News Agency and broadcast by state television.

'Yangdok Kaplıcakarı Cultural Recreation Center', the facility was built to contribute to winter tourism.

The hotel has a spa, a ski slope and a horse riding park.

Kim, who cut the ribbon at the opening, also praised the soldiers who served by building a 'miraculous structure' for the party, which guided the public towards a modern civilization.

Korea Central Agency communicating the opening, the North Korean leader 'hard to repress the joy' said, "It has become possible to provide new cultural areas for people and socialism in the shortest time to benefit from the high civilization of our people in the name of the party put forward in front of a target," he said.

Yangdok facilities were the third of Kim's biggest projects, along with another facility on the Samjiyon mountain and a summer holiday facility built in the coastal town of Wonsan.

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