Klimademo in Leipzig: extras were paid for participation


A Leipzig club has paid extras for their appearance at the Fridays for Future demo last Friday, as reported by, among others, the "Leipziger Volkszeitung". The participants received 50 Euro for standing in silence with masks and protest posters. The client speaks of an art project.

According to a job portal, a total of ten to twelve people were wanted for the engagement. The extras were therefore from 13 clock in Swiss clothes and protest signs in front of the Administrative Court Leipzig and finished their work at 17.30 clock.

"No demonstration, but art"

They were rented by the association nature conservation and art Leipziger flood forest (Nukla). Its spokesman Wolfgang Stoiber confirmed to the "world" that the people were actually paid for the performance, but at the same time stressed that they were not demonstrators.
"We have not made a demonstration, but art," the newspaper quoted him on Tuesday. For this one used the big stage of the demonstration.

The association has also published a video of the action on its website.

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