Kamela Abu Zekri: Sad for the retreat of Egyptian cinema … I refused to direct the films of my warp


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"Sad about the decline of the role of art and cinema in Egypt significantly, and the lack of awareness of the importance of these soft forces" … With this phrase, director Kamel Abu Zekri began talking to us.

Speaking to Sputnik on the sidelines of the International Film Festival in Marrakech, Abou Zekri said that "the film industry in Egypt is suffering from multiple crises and was almost stalled in Egypt after the January 25 revolution."

"Art of all kinds is the strongest weapon of Egypt and no less important than any other forces that maintain the security of the country," she added.

“She started her film career with two documentary films and then directed the feature films that started with“ King and Writing, ”which she directed to support the state, followed by“ One Zero ”, which was also supported by the state.

Abu Zikri called for the need to "provide support to the artistic and cinematographic industry, which is the soft power of the state that can face crimes that threaten the safety of society such as terrorism, harassment and other issues."

She pointed out that "directors and filmmakers have not been working for some time because of the lack of support and the departure of the production companies for the films that dominate the market now," adding that "during the past period it was offered to direct works outside Egypt, but it did not accept some of these experiences because it sticks to the need to work in Egypt."

She added that she "rejected a French offer to direct a film that exposed some negative phenomena in Egypt from the point of view that contradicts the real picture."

"I talked to several directors and asked them to talk to the Minister of Culture and all officials to support Egyptian cinema," Abu Zekri said.

She expressed "hope that the film industry will regain strength during the coming period," noting that "the past period has been difficult economically, politically and socially."

She explained that "her father the great writer Wajih Abu Zekri and her mother Laila Hashim instilled in them patriotism and love of belonging, and she refused to make films in line with the market," and it "rejected the French offer, which was talking about the revolution of January 25, especially as they were providing a false picture of reality Al-Masri, who was presenting a picture of the killing of Christians on the streets in a false way. "

Kamel Abou Zekri will be screening the film "Day of the Stats" in the framework of the Marrakech International Film Festival, starring Ilham Shaheen, Nelly Karim, Nahed El Sebaie, Hala Sedky, Raja Hussein and Shaima Seif, as well as stars Mahmoud Hamida, Farouk El Fishawi, Ahmed El Fishawi, Iyad Nassar and Ahmed Daoud.

The story takes place in a popular Cairo neighborhood, where the youth center has a special day for women in the pool. As women and girls use the pool, a series of events change their perception of themselves and of life.

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