Jetsmart buys Norwegian Air operations in Argentina


BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – The low-cost airline JetSmart announced the acquisition of one of its competitors, the Argentine subsidiary of Norwegian Air.

"We are happy to confirm the acquisition of Norwegian Air Argentina, reaffirming our commitment to Argentina and the development of accessible air travel in the region," the company said from social networks.

The company founded by the North American investment fund Indigo Partners, which began operating in Argentina in April this year, obtained in January the concession of 261 air routes connecting Buenos Aires and cities in the interior of the country to destinations in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.
Sputnik contacted the low-cost airline, one of the three operating in Argentina, to find out if the staff of 200 Norwegian workers will also be absorbed by the company, but received a response.
The Argentine subsidiary of Air Norwegian, created in March 2017, received in December of that year authorization to cover a total of 152 routes, 72 national and 80 international.

One of the objectives of the outgoing president, Mauricio Macri, was to create "the revolution of airplanes" to promote air transport and expand both cabotage routes and those that communicate national destinations abroad.

One in five passengers in October used low-cost airlines to move within the country, according to the Ministry of Transportation based on information provided by the National Civil Aviation Administration and the Integrated Aviation System (SIAC).

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