Iraqi coalition announces it is banned from presenting any candidate for prime minister without the consent of the demonstrators


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A deputy from the coalition "Saieron" in Iraq, that no candidate will be submitted to the post of prime minister without the consent of the demonstrators.

The deputy Alaa al-Rubaie, on Tuesday, that any prime minister comes through quotas and is not acceptable to the masses and the Iraqi people will be prevented, according to "Alsumaria News."

Al-Rubaie said that "allied with others, will stand strongly against quotas and will not allow them to return to the mechanisms of the nomination of the next prime minister, which we have clearly stressed the need to return to the demonstrators and the Iraqi people," noting that "the Iraqi people said clearly the importance of correcting the course in the political process And not to return to trenches and quotas. "

And approved the Iraqi parliament during its meeting, last Sunday, the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, after Abdel Mahdi submitted last Friday, against the backdrop of widespread protests in many Iraqi cities for nearly two months.

Since early October, there have been mass protests in Iraq demanding better living conditions, fighting corruption, dismissing the government, dissolving parliament, holding early elections, and killing at least 350 people.

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