Iran accuses the Western countries of putting obstacles in front of the independent countries


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The head of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations in Iran, "Kamal Kharazi," revealed Western attempts to place obstacles in front of independent countries.

Kharazi made the statement while receiving Professor Yan Shuo Tong, President of the International Relations Foundation at Peking University, where he stressed the important role that Iran and China play in building human civilization, noting the importance of scientific and civilized exchanges and benefiting from the experiences of the peoples of the two countries. According to the Fars News Agency.

The Chairman of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations criticized the policy of Western powers by placing obstacles in front of independent countries, and said: The signing of a comprehensive 25-year document on cooperation between Iran and China will pave the ground for strengthening cooperation in various fields.

Kharazi added: Iran welcomes the exchange of university students and the development of scientific cooperation between the two countries.

Kharazi stressed the importance of the leaders ’role in achieving reforms and solving problems, adding: In revolutions, the role of leadership is crucial in guiding peoples, and in other than that case the rise of peoples will end in chaos.

For his part, Professor Yan Shuo Tong, (author of "Ancient China and the Power of Modern China") stressed in this meeting the importance of leadership in making reforms successful.

He pointed to the need for reforms to continue in any country, explaining that reforms do not mean changing principles, but rather making necessary decisions commensurate with the circumstances.

The head of the Peking University Foreign Relations Corporation stressed the importance of cooperation between Iran and China, explaining that this cooperation should exceed the energy sector and extend to various sectors, and the two governments have important responsibilities in this regard.

Tung spoke highly of Iran's decision to cancel visas for Chinese tourists, describing the measure as very important for developing the tourism industry and introducing the Chinese people to Iran.

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