In the video … protesters were assaulted by the President of the Lebanese Parliament


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Yesterday, Tuesday, the security forces of the Presidency of the Parliament in Lebanon attacked the demonstrators in Beirut after they arrived at the residence of Speaker Nabih Berri, raising slogans accusing him of corruption.

The Lebanese news agency, Al-Nashra, reported that the demonstrators carried out car rallies and mobile demonstrations in front of the officials ’homes, including the homes of the Minister of the Interior in the caretaker government, Raya Al-Hassan, Deputy Najib Mikati, head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, former ministers, Muhammad Safadi and Ghazi Al-Aridi, among others.

When the protesters arrived in Ain El Tineh, the second presidential residence, the security forces attacked the protesters, breaking cars and beating them.

Lebanese media reported that the wounded were among the demonstrators, who were transferred to hospitals in Beirut.

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