In Edirne, the lawyer's vehicle was found on the channel, which could not be heard from him


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30-year-old lawyer Hakan Çağıl Taşdelen, who was not heard from him in İpsala district of Edirne, was found in the irrigation channel. Taşdelen found in the vehicle examination.

The lawyer living in Keşan, the previous evening İpsala22 AAL 835 plate saying he would go hunting left the house. Taşdelen'in relatives did not return home reported to the gendarmerie.

İpsala District Gendarmerie Command teams started a search in the region, Yenikarpuzlu village and the village of Koyuntepe Taşdelen'ın vehicle found in the irrigation channel.

Crane removed from the water with the help of the vehicle Taşdelen found in the examination.

Then, the Edirne Disaster and Emergency Directorate from the region and Tekirdag Security Directorate Sea Port Branch Directorate of Underwater Group Chief divers, the channel launched a search.

With the blackening of the air, the divers started to evacuate the canal that transferred water from the Meric River to the Hamzadere Dam.

In the meantime, the gendarmerie teams continue to scan the region.

The relatives of Taşdelen continue their anxious expectations.

Taşdelen, who opened a law firm in Keşan district in 2015, was married.

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