In calm and with some incidents, national unemployment takes place in Colombia


BOGOTA (Sputnik) – The mobilizations of December 4 in Colombia, on the 14th day of the national strike against the Government of Ivan Duque, were taking place calmly in the capital and with some isolated incidents in the city of Cali (southwest).

Hundreds of protesters concentrated in the central Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota from different parts of the capital to protest against the Government, which they point out to promote initiatives of a neo-liberal nature.

"The black people are strong, brave and fucking (angry)", said through a megaphone one of the leaders of the Afro groups of the Colombian Pacific, attached to the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), which also participated in mobilization

Together with them, students, trade unionists and members of the Indigenous Guard of the department of Cauca (southwest) joined the mobilization in a peaceful manner, although in a much smaller concurrence in sight in previous marches, as Sputnik could verify.
Sellers of ice cream, juices and groceries were installed in the Plaza de Bolivar that in previous mobilizations had no place due to the agglomeration.
"The sales came from the doldrums with the previous marches, but notice that in this people have arrived in less quantity and, apparently, with more thirst, because today I have sold more to the protesters than the past times," said a ice cream seller in the square, while ringing the bells to get the attention of the protesters.

Young people, indigenous people and Afro-Colombians sang songs and danced peacefully, after the mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa, allowed access to the square, which he had previously vetoed on the grounds that he had to install Christmas decoration.

"I said that you could not have demonstrations in the Plaza de Bolivar due to the assembly work of the Christmas show. At the insistence of organizers of the strike and their commitment to a peaceful mobilization, we disassembled scaffolding and authorized the use of the square," he wrote Penalosa on Twitter.

The merchants of San Victorino Square, a populous sector of the city, said that wholesale sales have fallen considerably accompanying the strike.

"On a normal day, without unemployment or marches, 150 to 200 garments are sold here, now it is barely 20 o'clock in the day, which has us very worried, because at this step we are going to lose "Gabriel Montenegro, a trader in the sector, told this agency.

Sputnik could see that the San Victorino area, 2.5 kilometers away from the Plaza de Bolivar, remained almost empty at the beginning of the afternoon.

Merchants try to counteract the fall by opening the premises earlier or with night fairs until dawn, known as "trasnochon".

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