In Argentina, the new president addresses the public: we will end the hunger, something that should embarrass us


"We will work together to write the greatest epic of our society, and we will work together so that there is never a dish missing in the Argentinean home. We will end the hunger, something that should embarrass us." said.

Argentina President Alberto Fernandezbuilding at noon Casa RosadaHe called on tens of thousands of supporters who began to gather in front of him and celebrated his assumption of office.

Former President of the Republic Nestor KirchnerReminding Fernandez, "One day life compared me with Nestor Kirchner. Never change so much, with him to stand up a country, democracy and freedom to raise the flags of a great task I did not think I would be a hero," he said.

Pointing to the former government, Fernandez said, "This is a system that benefits some of the majority, damages the majority, impoverishes, brings misery, lends us and traps us into the trap of the international financial system. I want you to remember the past, not to repeat it."

Pointing out that justice is biased, Fernandez said, Yeni In the new Argentina, intelligence and judicial operations will not be the media lynches we are exposed to every day. I am sure of what I represent; We represent the attractors, "he said.

Emphasizing unity in his speech, "Fernandez working together, we will write the greatest epic as a society and we will endeavor together so that there is never a plate of food missing in the Argentine house. We will end the hunger, this is something that should embarrass us. and we will build a period in which work is the most important thing. "

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