Huawei's new high-end smartphone does not ship any US-made components


Huawei has introduced its Mate 30 Pro, a high-end smartphone that contains no US component, information confirmed by UBS specialists and the Japanese company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions who dismantled the device to identify its components. A Chinese analyst comments on the situation for Sputnik.

The new Huawei flagship, the Mate 30 Pro, does not contain any US components. In addition, it is the first smartphone of the Chinese brand without any mobile service Google. Huawei is still under US embargo, whose reprieve was however extended until 19 February 2020. After dismantling the smartphone, Fomalhaut Techno Solutions and UBS found that all integrated circuits (ICs) were Chinese or European manufacturing .

No US components on board

"I think the technological" cold war "led by the United States is politically motivated, not economically motivated. (…) Moreover, it is, in my opinion, economic relations between two sovereign states that are China and the United States. It may be that to solve this problem at the macroeconomic level, it is necessary to rely on the strength of the state, "Zheng Anguang, a specialist in international relations at Nanjing University, told Sputnik.

He also recalls that the United States is not shy to use all the power of their state machine against a private company, including their "blacklist" Huawei, banned from the US market by Donald Trump decision that also recently renewed the suspension of the 90-day ban on Huawei until 19 February 2020.

Huawei undervalued by the US?

"I do not think, however, that the United States is succeeding in totally controlling the exports of other countries to China. In the development of their economic and commercial relations, these other countries naturally adjust their behavior to their own interests. Many countries around the world have close economic ties with China that the United States will not be able to break, "the expert summarizes.

According to observers, obviously, the White House is realizing a little late Huawei's ability to adapt and develop its own solutions. Huawei could even take the opportunity to offer its equivalents to other manufacturers, which could result in huge market share losses for some US companies.

Donald Trump signed a decree on May 15 banning the use of telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies posing a risk to the national security of the United States. The decree effectively prohibits American groups from dealing with the Chinese group Huawei, considered the world leader in 5G equipment. Anyway, the suspension of the embargo on Huawei is extended again. And it is a renewal of 90 days, running until February 19, 2020, which was pronounced at the end of November.

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