High school student accidentally hit by a LBD shot in Lyon



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During the blocking of the Ampere-Saxe Lyon high school this Friday, December 6, a high school student was hit in the face by a shot of LBD. According to the police referred to by France 3, the shooting was aimed at a demonstrator who was launching projectiles. The teenager was hospitalized, specify the forces of the order.

A LBD shot hit a 15-year-old high school student during the blocking of the Ampere-Saxe Lyons high school on 6 December as part of the general strike, reports France 3.
According to the security forces to which the media refers, the shooting was aimed at a demonstrator in particular who launched projectiles. The teenager was taken to the hospital for tests.

Police intervention

The establishment was blocked this morning around 7:00 by about forty high school students, informs France 3 by referring to witnesses. The police intervened around 8:15. About 60 students, according to the demonstrators, were evacuated. The police, however, indicate that it was a hundred high school students, some of which did not block the establishment.

Several videos of these events have been broadcast on social networks.

The prefecture explained that the intervention took place after police officers were hit by projectiles thrown by a particular protester.

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