Hande Yener: 'Disgusting music is being done' for 20 years I say, God bless rappers, they beat pop music


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Singer Hande Yener, making statements about the music market, "'Disgusting music is being done,' I say 20 years, God bless rap'cilerden, pop beat," he said.

Singer Hande Yener, criticized the pop-music singers in a statement to members of the music market and "disgusting music is made," he said.

According to Emre Cevik from SOzcu, the singer thinks that pop music is over for not renewing the styles of pop music singers and not producing new songs. He said:

"The world of music is mixed. Rap ​​pop has eaten, but there is nothing good about rap. There is nothing to listen to right now. So my album is important for both me and the music world. With the album there will be a new breakthrough in the pop.

I was always saying, 'There is a setback in pop music, make a new style, improve yourself' and as you can see, pop music seems to be over because of those who don't do something new. I always produce, I always do something new. This is out of my style in my album.

'Let the place of rap' paradise '

Im My colleagues do not produce. I'm really happy.

Are you a rapper by reading rap? You're a pop artist by reading pop? If only they could have created alternative styles, I think they wouldn't have jumped on what was popular today. I've been full about this for 20 years. They ruined the music quality. 'Disgusting music is being done' he has been saying for 20 years I'm bad, I'm snobbish after. What happened At the end of 20 years, everyone loved listening to songs, singers why now they do not wish. I need to question this. Anyway it was a nice cleaning. God bless the rappers. They did what I could not thank them for their health. May it all be heaven. "

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