Hai pushes nine – year old from the surfboard video


A shark struck a nine-year-old boy surfing the New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The dangerous encounter was recorded with a GoPro camera mounted on the board. This is reported by the newspaper "The New York Post".

The incident happened on Saturday. Chandler Moore, who surfs his four-year-old, according to his father Shaun, suddenly fell into the water. The two remained in the water for half an hour, without suspecting anything. Only later, when the boy and his father looked at the pictures, did they discover that a shark Chandler had encountered.

"Strange, but we did not know that he was attacked by a predator until we looked at the shot," says the boy's 40-year-old father.

On the video that the father published on the Internet, the tail fin of a shark can be seen. Shaun Moore suspects that it is a small blacktip shark that often occurs there.

According to National Geographic magazine, sharks are teeming off the coast of New Smyrna Beach. In August, three humans were injured by these predators in one day alone.

little one Black tip sharks can be up to one and a half meters long. Usually they avoid the encounter People and are safe.

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