From 3 to 200 million phones … "Huawei" 8 years ago, I thought about giving up phone production


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The Chinese company "Huawei" is considered one of the largest international technology companies, while its smartphones invaded the global markets.

The Chinese company is ranked second in the world after "Samsung" in terms of supply, as the US sanctions caused it to stand up to the successes of this company in the year 2019.

The company's CEO, Yu Chengdong, earlier spoke of a decision he described as difficult, which is the company's desire to give up smart phone production within 8 years.

According to the manager, the smart phone market was very weak, so the company did not see any point in continuing in this market, but the company and after its success wishes to continue to delight its customers with new products.

"No matter how much our powers, we should always think about how we can become the best and how we can achieve this, taking into account the difficulties we face, and I think we have great potential for further development," Dong added.

It should be noted that the company within 8 years managed to increase the shipment of its products in a record way to reach 200 million smartphones in the year 2018, while the number reached 3 million phones in 2010.

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