Free transportation on the first day of the New Year in Istanbul


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Transportation will be free on IETT, OTOBUS AS, private public buses, subway, funicular, tram, nostalgic tram, cable car, City Lines Ferry and private sea engines integrated to public transportation.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IMM), the collective transportation vehicles, all religious and official holidays of 2020, exam days and the opening of the school will provide free service said.

The first day of the New Year free The statement stated that the following will be:

  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, December 12Determined the days to be given free public transportation in 2020 at its meeting.
  • CHP and AK Party The joint motion of the groups was approved unanimously by members of parliament. The decision was also signed by IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu.
  • In line with the decision taken in the first official holiday of 2020, New Year’s Day (Wednesday, January 1, 2020), public transport in Istanbul will provide free services.
  • Application IETT, BUS Inc. (Buses from Erguvan), special people buses, metro, funicular, tram, nostalgic tram, cable car, City lines will be available on private marine engines integrated into public transport.

The statement included the following statements:

“The days of free service are as follows: 1 January 2020 (New Year), 23 April (National Sovereignty and Children’s Day), 1 May (Labor and Solidarity Day), 19 May (Ataturk Commemoration Youth and Sports Day), 24-25- 26 May (Ramadan Feast – 3 Days), 15 July (Democracy and Freedoms Day), 31 July – 3 August (Feast of Sacrifice – 4 Days), 30 August (Victory Day), 29 October (Republic Day), 2020 School Opening Day (September), OSYM Exams – YKS, YGS, TYT, AYT (Students and staff during exam hours), OEF Exams (Students and staff during exam hours) ”

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