For Zemmour, LR returns the ancient principle "no enemy on the right" in "no enemy on the left"


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While the Republicans want to exclude from their ranks Erik Tegner that they have maintained relations too close with the National Resident, Eric Zemmour defends this supporter of the union of the rights and reproaches the party of Christian Jacob his centrist tendency.

Since 22 November, Erik Tegner, a member of LR who is actively campaigning for the union of rights, has been the subject of an exclusion procedure. Aurelien Pradie, LR's new secretary general, accused him at the end of November of being "a spokesman for Marion Marechal" and "having accepted a position in the National Gathering". In a commentary to Le Figaro, Erik Tegner, who does not deny his proximity to Marion Marechal, rejected the second charge before denouncing "a witch hunt" within LR.

For Éric Zemmour, who participated, like Marion Marechal, in the Right Convention on September 28, of which Erik Tegner was co-organizer, this procedure proves that LR "is not afraid of anything".

In a column published by Le Figaro, the editorialist believes that "this young activist has committed a single crime, that of actively campaigning for the union of the rights" while according to all polls, "at least 30% of sympathizers LR Are in favor of this union. "Should they also be excluded? This party already looked more and more like a club of retirees of the Côte d'Azur, he would then go to the phone booth ", the writer wonders.

"Tegner's juvenile head at the end of a spear is Christian Jacob's coronation gift. With Jacob, it is the Chiracians who come back in force at the head of the party. Chiracians who we never know if the most serious is that they do not have convictions or they always submit to political correctness. Chiraquians who have returned the ancient principle "no enemy right" in "no enemy left". Chiracians who believe that we can ally with LREM, but not the RN, "he continues.

Eric Zemmour then advanced his analysis of the current strategy of LR which is that of "Chiraquiens" and is dated "after 1981", the time when "the line Chirac led the RPR Gaullist in the arms of the UDF giscardo-centrist "

"A strategy that killed Gaullism, then the right, and made the National Front, which did not ask so much, the receptacle of a popular electorate in lack of nation, flag, authority, state ".

The problem is that "the leaders LR are ripe to rally Macron, while the electorate will continue to be divided between the Macronian poles and the pen," says the writer who recalls that in the past political figures such as Charles Pasqua and Alain Peyrefitte demanded the alliance between the RPR and the FN. "Christian Jacob would have excluded?" Asks the editorialist at the end of his rostrum.

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