Finnish Prime Minister Rinne resigns


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Rinne, who had no chance to move when the coalition partners announced they would vote against the vote of confidence, left his post.

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinneafter coalition partner Keskusta (Center) Party announced it would vote against confidence vote tomorrow resignation He.

Following the post-strike strike, Sirpa Paatero, the Minister of Public Partnerships who recently resigned, Prime Minister Rinne submitted his resignation to President Sauli NiinistO due to the shaken political confidence in the country.
In addition to the Keskusta Party, another coalition partner Kokoomus (National Coalition) Party leader Petteri Orpo demanded a vote of confidence and said he would not support Rinne to continue as prime minister.
The government is also expected to be established with the same partners, but this time under the leadership of another name from the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Among the possible candidates for the prime minister are Transport Minister Sanna Marin and SDP Parliamentary Group President Antti Lindtman.

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