Expulsion of Russian diplomats from Germany: "a pure and simple farce", according to a member of the Bundestag


The expulsion of two diplomats from the Russian embassy in Germany as part of an investigation into the murder of a Georgian this summer in Berlin is a joke, Bundestag MP Robbie Schlund, member of the Alternative Party, told Sputnik for Germany (AfD).

Before the end of the investigation, it is the presumption of innocence and not a biased political judgment that must prevail, said Sputnik Robbie Schlund, Member of Parliament representing the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the Bundestag, commenting the expulsion of two diplomats from the Russian embassy in Germany as part of an investigation into the murder of a Georgian this summer in Berlin.

"Basically, the note verbale presented to the Russian ambassador and the expulsion of the diplomats are just a farce outright, for lack of hard evidence of any involvement of Russians in the murder in Moabit," continued the parliamentarian.

And to add that this approach of Berlin had probably not "rendered service" to German foreign policy.

The German Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday (December 4th) its decision to expel two employees of the Russian Embassy in Berlin, declared personae non gratae.

According to the prosecutor's office, which is in charge of espionage cases, the murder of Tornike K., a Georgian from the Chechen minority in the country, was committed "either on behalf of state entities of the Russian Federation or on behalf of of the Chechen Autonomous Republic ".

Moscow's reaction

Russian diplomacy has already described the Berlin decision regarding its diplomats as "unfriendly" and "unfounded". She also judged "politicized" her attitude in this case. In the past, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov repeatedly denied Russia's involvement in the murder.

Russia's ambassador to Berlin, Sergei Nechaev, deeply regretted the decision and insisted that there was no evidence of the Russian government's involvement in the incident.

Murder in Berlin

On August 23, a 40-year-old Georgian man was shot three times by a silenced weapon in Berlin's Tiergarten. According to the Berliner Kurier newspaper, the man was fatally wounded in the head. A few days later, the police arrested a 49-year-old Russian. The public prosecutor said he found the murder weapon on him. Spiegel, quoting the investigators, wrote that the murder was "professionally planned and executed", pointing out that the sponsor could be from either the criminal world or information from a foreign state.

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