Experts have listed countries most affected by natural disasters in 2018


On Wednesday, December 4, at the COP25 international conference on the climate in Madrid, several experts presented the report where they indicated the countries most affected by natural disasters in 2018. According to them, the increasing number of cataclysms is due to the change climate.

The countries most affected by natural disasters in 2018 are Japan, the Philippines and Germany, according to the annual report of the independent experts Germanwatch Climate Risk Index 2020, presented this Wednesday, December 4 at the international conference COP25 on climate, to Madrid. The authors of the paper indicate that among the most affected countries are also Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda, Canada and Fiji.

Human and material losses

The highest number of deaths was recorded in India (with 2,081 victims) as well as in Germany and Japan (more than 1,200). The largest material losses were incurred by India and Japan – respectively for $ 37 and $ 35 billion. Moreover, in 2018, these countries have been severely affected by heat waves, which have been 100 times more common in Europe in the last century.

Greenhouse gases questioned

According to experts, the growing number of natural disasters is linked to climate change. To meet the Paris agreement and prevent future cataclysms, countries are trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat wave 2019

The summer of 2019 was also marked by intense heat on the European continent. Thus, in June and at the end of July, several European countries, including France, suffocated following unusual heatwaves. During this period, 80 departments were put in alert orange heat wave in the Hexagon, a record.

In addition, in several French cities, temperature records were broken. Thus in Paris, the mercury crossed the 25th July the bar of 42 degrees.

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