Exaliada of the president: children of Bolsonaro lead "virtual militias" of the Government


RIO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – Two of the sons of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, are the leaders of the so-called "virtual militias" of the Government, groups that launch attacks on the Internet through social networks on many occasions with the help of robots explained Deputy Joice Hasselmann.

"Eduardo (deputy) is widely involved and is one of the leaders of that group we call virtual militia (…) Carlos (councilman from Rio de Janeiro) and Eduardo are the leaders, the mentors," said Hasselmann (Liberal Social Party), that she was an ally of Bolsonaro and the spokeswoman for the Government in Congress, in an appearance before a commission in the Senate transmitted by the House.

The legislator attended the commission to provide information on the attacks organized by members of the Government and of which she has been a victim.
Hasselmann explained that any person, whether from the left, center or right or from Bolsonaro's own allied base can be the victim of these attacks if he expresses his disagreement with any opinion of the presidential family.

According to him, the people who manage the most influential profiles coordinate to choose a target and the form of the attack, and after that work spreading false facts, slander, denigrating montages, etc., robots start to work to multiply the messages.

"The publications are guided and influenced by politicians, Eduardo and his advisors activate political militancies; many profiles are false to make it difficult for them to be held responsible for those contents," said the deputy.

He commented that the level of organization reaches such a point that there is a list with the schedule of the days that an attack should last, and that everything has the supervision of the so-called "hate cabinet".

The "hate cabinet" would be made up of presidential advisors, and got that name because they are located in a room on the third floor of the Planalto Palace (seat of the Government), very close to where Bolsonaro has its main office.

The deputy also said that, according to an investigation that she commissioned, there are 1.4 million robot followers on the Twitter profile of President Bolsonaro (who has 5.5 million followers) and 468,775 on Eduardo Bolsonaro's, which has with 1.8 million in total.

In addition, he said that Councilman Carlos Bolsonaro came to propose the creation of a "parallel Abin" in the Government, which would function as a clandestine body that would include telephone punctures; Abin is the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, the local equivalent to the CIA.

Hasselmann suggested to the parliamentarians that they summon in the commission the ex-minister of the Secretariat of Government Carlos Bebianno, who would have more information, and that at the time he expressed himself against the idea of ​​the president's son.

The deputy of the extreme right began to be the victim of a persecution in social networks by Bolsonaro followers after confronting Eduardo Bolsonaro for leadership within the Liberal Social Party (PSL), which until recently was the ruling party.

The internal struggle ended up generating two very defined sides, but the faithful to the president decided to leave the formation and found a new group, Alliance for Brazil.

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