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The European Union (EU) antitrust regulators appeared to be examining Google's data collection practices.

One European union (EU) manager, antitrust regulators Googlesaid he tried to gather more information about why and how he collected data.

According to, the EU regulator said in an e-mail to Reuters that the European Commission has begun a preliminary investigation.

According to Reuters, the focus of the EU is on the data collected and how they are used in local services, online ads, online ad targeting services, sign-in services, web browsers and more.
European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe VestagerIn the past two years, Google has imposed a number of penalties in excess of eight billion euros in total, and even ordered the firm to change its business practices. Google responded to these penalties and other claims that it had deleted user data.
The EU and the European Commission will examine not only Google but also other large companies as to how they use and convert the data they collect.

Google had previously been fined by the EU at a record level.

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