EU leaders to reunite with Erdogan


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French President Emmanuel Macron, Syria, Libya and other issues to discuss Britain, France and Germany, with the first three months of next year, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his will meet again.

Macron held a press conference after the NATO Leaders Summit in London.

"NATO's brain death took place," the statement, the summit of countries to talk about the financial contributions used to Macron, during the summit met with many leaders of France's information about relations with Russia, he said.

"It is impossible to form a consensus on a definition of terrorism with Turkey." Macron said that he cares about Europe's defense, but that this is not an alternative to NATO.

"The stability and security of Europe can only be guaranteed by establishing a solid relationship with Russia," Macron said. used. Stating that Europe's stability and security is important, Macron stressed that Russia is no longer an enemy of NATO.

'Dialogue needs strengthening'

Macron, expressed that Al Qaeda and Isidor's enemies, "Turkey's security and the terror of the cost covered by our respect and alliance relationships I heard the heavy pay, on behalf of Isidor revival of the dialogue on the situation in Syria's northeast needs to be strengthened. Dialogue on this issue and there was a flaw in respect among the allies. " he said.

Macron, yesterday President Erdogan, German Chancellor recalling the Quartet Summit held by Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, "Syria, Libya and decided to continue dialogue with Turkey as the E3 countries on other issues. 2020's first three months probably in Turkey we will meet again. " said.

French President, that there are issues they disagree with Turkey but said the dialogue should continue.

French military presence in Africa

Macron also responded to criticism of France's military presence in Africa after the death of 13 French soldiers in Mali.

Macron defends the legitimate military presence of France in the Sahel countries. they must decide whether or not they are available. " used the phrase.

France's military presence in the region, according to the decision of these countries will continue to express whether Macron, in this context G5 Sahel countries (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Mauritania) announced on December 16 that the city of Pau in France.

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