Environmentalist accuses lack of commitment to Chilean government that chairs COP25


SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – The Chilean Government is not committed to the fight to stop climate change despite presiding over the XXV Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25), the coordinator told Sputnik of Greenpeace campaigns in this South American country, Estefania Gonzalez.

"The Chilean Government is not only not committed to the fight for climate change at the COP25 that it presides over, but environmental issues are outside its agenda in national politics," Gonzalez said.

The activist, who is representing Greenpeace Chile in the COP25 that takes place in MadridHe said that the role played by the Chilean authorities in that instance is weak and without conviction.
"The main challenge of the summit is to call climate ambition, urging countries to take concrete measures, but the Executive of our country, who chairs the instance, has not even offered a true plan to reduce emissions in line with what science demands, "he said.

Gonzalez questioned: "How is the Government going to call other countries to join the fight and make national contributions if it does not respond to the main environmental demands in Chile?"

The activist said that "there is a government decision to make environmental conflicts that occur in our country invisible, without making it clear that there are areas where coal production is polluting people, places that have been called 'areas of sacrifice' and for which no answers have been given. "

"Chile is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world in the face of climate change and today its Government promotes forest plantations that put free access to water at risk and have generated gigantic fires such as 2017," he said.

Minister questioned

COP25 should be held in Chile, but social protests They started weeks ago forced to move their headquarters to Spain, and President Sebastian Pinera decided not to travel even though his administration presides over the appointment.

The Chilean mission was led by the Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, but her leadership is questioned by the environmental organizations present in Madrid.

"The minister has not exercised a sufficiently strong role, and has even been subject to demonstrations and interpellations against her," Gonzalez said.

While the minister gave the welcome speech to the summit, several Chilean activists rose from their seats and covered one eye with their hands in protest at the police repression of the protests that left more than 200 people injured in recent weeks ocular.

On December 2, when Schmidt delivered another speech, a group of representatives of native peoples rebuked her for the drought in the country, criticizing the lack of supervision and sanctions on forest companies and large farmers who monopolize water consumption.

COP25 started in Madrid on December 2 and will run until 13.

Its main objective is to ensure that governments comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change, thereby stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming.

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