Dordogne: suspended prison required against the teacher of a child defenestrated by his comrade


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Six months suspended prison sentence was required Tuesday in Angouleme (Charente) against a teacher judged for the "manslaughter" of a schoolgirl trisomic 8 years defenestrated by his comrade "psychotic" in 2015 in Perigueux while she was under his responsibility.

The Criminal Court will give its judgment on January 2, almost 5 years to the day after the death on January 9, 2015 of the 8-year-old Laly, pushed the day before from a window of her school by a friend of the same age, identified for his behavioral problems. The expertise conducted during the investigation will reveal a "psychotic" personality.
The facts had occurred in Perigueux but the investigation had been disoriented in Angouleme, the adoptive parents of the victim being employed by the judicial administration of Dordogne.
The fall of the girl, from a height of 5 meters, had occurred in a class for inclusive education (CLIS) of his school, the private school of the Sacred Heart welcoming children with psycho-motor disabilities and / or behavioral disorders.

The tragedy led to the indictment of the head of the school, Elisabeth Jaccard, and the referent of the Children's Social Assistance (ESA) responsible for monitoring the boy, but only the first was referred to Justice.

She "did not see or hear what was happening in the playroom (…), it's a fault. She knew the danger of the boy who could be violent, "said prosecutor Sophie O'Hana, while stressing that she is" one of the few (…) to recognize his responsibilities. "

"I would blame myself all my life what happened," said the 49-year-old woman, in tears, at the mention of "three to five minutes" where everything has rocked. "Never," she should have left "alone" unattended Laly and a classmate with that schoolboy she knew was difficult, she admitted.

But "never," she would have enrolled the boy if she had "been informed" of his "antecedents": in 2013, he had already pushed the first floor, a girl of 2 years, slightly hurt.

Placed since the age of two and a half, living in a heavy family context – the father was sentenced to four years for being sexually assaulted, the boy was followed by social services. In 2014, they warned against "other acting out", information that did not reach school.

The lawyer of the defendant, Me Lionel Bethune de Moro, accused the social services responsible for supervising the boy to have taken refuge "behind the professional secret". He asked for the release for his client, ruling out any gross fault.

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