Diyarbakir Bar Association President and executives filed a lawsuit against TCK 301


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Diyarbakır Bar Association's previous president and members of the Board of Directors, on April 24, 'We share the great pain of the Armenian people uninhabited' because of the explanation of 'public incitement to hatred and hostility' charges were opened. Bar executives will be tried under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code.

Diyarbakir As is the case every year, the Board of Directors of the Bar Association made a statement on 24 April 2018 titled or We share the great pain of the Armenian people din.

Diyarbakır Police Department reported the situation to the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on the grounds that the statement contained statements that could be a criminal element.

The Attorney General asked the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Criminal Affairs for permission to investigate. Following the granting of an investigation permit More professionals named Ahmet Ozmen and members of the Board of Directors Nusin Uysal, Cihan Ulsen, Mahsum Bati, Nesat Girasun, Serhat Eren, Nahit Eren, Sertac Buluttekin, Imran Gokdere, Velat Alan and Contact Ahmet directly was sued for 'publicly inciting hatred and enmity'.

Bar executives, Diyarbakir Heavy Penal Court in the coming days will be tried under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code.

'Diyarbakir Bar Association wanted to be intimidated'

Nahit Eren, a lawyer filed a lawsuit against him, stated that Diyarbakır Bar Association has made a statement every 24 April for many years and said:

Ozellikle Especially in 2018, after Suleyman Soylu's threat came into question, such cases were opened. After that, the board of directors was subject to investigations. There are two investigations in Batman. They have decided on one and one is still waiting. The present case is the intimidation of the current power, the judiciary, for the work carried out by the Diyarbakır Bar in the field of human rights and law. to be continued. new regulations related to freedom of expression in Turkey is in progress, the bahsediliyork the new judicial package, is significant in this litigation. this is a freedom of expression. But, unfortunately, Article 301 is still the biggest obstacle to freedom of expression in Turkey. "

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