DISK 'Nobody should expect sacrifice from workers' he said, announced the minimum wage demand: 3 thousand 200 TL


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DISK Chairman Arzu Cerkezoglu, minimum wage demands "When we take into account both the livelihood wage and the increase in national minimum wage at least 'net 3 thousand 200 TL should be said," he said. Çerkezoğlu, "Nobody to the workers 'sacrifice' advise, no one should expect sacrifice from workers," he said.

Consisting of workers, employers and government representatives Minimum Wage Determination CommissionHeld its first meeting yesterday to determine the minimum wage in 2020. Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DISK) located in KarakOy today Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch 2020 made a press release on the minimum wage.

Chairman of DISK who made a press statement on behalf of DISK Board of Directors Contact Arzu directly minimum wage demand "Both subsistence wages to both national income growth into account we've received the 2020 minimum wage 'at least' call clear 3 thousand should be 200 per "he explained. The minimum wage only the minimum wage in Turkey and trying to close a fee of 10 million workers and family, but with labor Çerkezoğlu said that everyone is a basic parameter that determines the working and living conditions of those who make a living. "Therefore, the process of determining the minimum wage is the biggest social contract of the state with the society." said.

'Minimum wage is gradually turning into average wage in our country'

'Çerkezoğlu pointed out that the minimum wage of 2020 was determined under conditions where the effects of the economic crisis were deeply experienced, unemployment increased, purchasing power decreased and income distribution deteriorated. "The minimum wage is gradually turning into average wage in our country. Therefore, minimum wage employees economic crisisis the most important means of protection against. And the Minimum Wage is a matter of millions, a matter of country"

Regarding this 'country issue', Çerkezoğlu stated that the approach of the governors of the country is not an approach that protects the workers and employees:

"While we are struggling with the crisis, prices are flying in the bazaar-market, while working class hikes and taxes, which cannot get a share from growth for years, pay the bill of the crisis, income distribution is getting more and more deteriorating every day.Low wage policy ' seem to be.

In the summer, the figures arising from the collective agreements of public workers and public workers are a reflection of this policy. To make matters worse, the country's governors have taken the IMF's advice on this issue. New Economics Program and put it on the program. In September, the IMF report published by Turkey 'Fees, increase realized inflation rate targeted inflation rate is not' the statement said, a week after the Treasury and the Minister of Finance declared that they would set a minimum wage in this way. As it is known, target inflation for 2020 was announced as 8.5 percent.

It is no secret to anyone that 2020 minimum wage bargaining will be difficult. Those who boast that the economy has grown for years and do not give our share of growth are now trying to reduce wages even further when the crisis is based on the door. To ward off the economic crisis, the government used whatever was in the palm of the hand. Therefore, the economy has become more fragile. But production and unemployment unfortunately there is no positive step on the front.

'We warn, no one should advise workers' sacrifice'

We are already warning the rulers of the country: In an environment where company rescues and employer incentives are devoted to huge resources,sacrifice'No one should expect sacrifice from workers.

The increase in minimum wage in crisis conditions will also determine the income of the majority of the population. Therefore, not only to increase the minimum wage of workers, it will contribute to Turkey's economy. It is time to abandon neoliberal policies that have been implemented for 40 years but are now bankrupt. Growth based on wage growth is possible. Wage increasesIt is clear that it will have a positive impact on both the employee and the economy and will stimulate the economy by increasing its purchasing power.. "

'Minimum wage determination process in our country is not democratic'

Çerkezoğlu stated that the minimum wage determination process is not democratic and said:

"Minimum wage determination process in our country democratic It is not. As is known, the minimum wage is determined by the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, where the government and employers are the majority. The decision is taken by majority vote and is of a definite nature. Minimum wage determination process of Turkey's biggest bargain in spite of the fact that no strike weapons in the hands of the union of workers in the bargain. DİSK considers minimum wage bargaining as a struggle that should be carried out jointly by all workers' confederations and attaches importance to joint work and collective struggle to make the issue become a social demand and ownership during minimum wage negotiations. Minimum wage determination process collective bargaining it is possible to turn, to make matters of millions, and to mobilize employees around the demand for a humane minimum wage.

'Minimum wage bargaining is not just a table bargain'

Minimum wage bargaining is not just a table bargain. DISK considers minimum wage bargaining as a very important sharing struggle. It is not enough to say the truth, it is not enough to be right, as all workers and laborers without union requestside by side, shoulder to shoulder, squares, streets, workplaces need to grow the struggle. "

Çerkezoğlu shared the data of the '2020 Minimum Wage Report'.

"The report titled 'Minimum Wage for Human Honor' prepared by DISK-AR reveals the facts about minimum wage"Cerkezoglu said the following information from the report:

  • In determining the minimum wage in Turkey has not complied with international standards. Reaching its 100th anniversary in 2019 The ILO, UN and Council of Europe principles are not taken into account. The family of workers is taken into account in determining the minimum wage according to the account of international norms, in Turkey, the family of the worker in the definition contained in the Minimum Wage Ordinance were excluded from the minimum wage. Calculation based on only one worker is contrary to international standards.
  • The Minimum Wage Determination Commission is also not democratic in nature. The Commission consists of 5 representatives of the government, employers and workers, and the trade union and employers' organizations with the highest number of members. DISK and other confederations are not involved in the determination of the minimum wage.
  • Minimum wage average wage is becoming. While the average individual wage and salary income in 2006 was 2 times the minimum wage, this ratio decreased to 1.6 times in 2018. the minimum wage is closer to the average wage in Turkey. We see that the rapid transformation of the minimum wage into the average wage also affects women workers the most. The average wage of women is closer to the minimum wage than men.
  • 8 million workers cannot even reach the minimum wage. TSI According to the data, the number of people receiving wages below the minimum wage is 1 million 800 thousand and the number of people receiving minimum wage is 6.8 million in total. There are a total of around 10 million workers who receive wages below the minimum wage, at the minimum wage level and 15 percent above the minimum wage.
  • Turkey is among the countries with the lowest minimum wage in Europe. Turkey in European countries 4th country with the lowest minimum waged. Countries with lower minimum wages are Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. 2009 European'Turkey in less than minimum wage while 13 countries, there are only three countries in 2019.
  • Half of the minimum wage cost goes to taxes and deductions. Taxes and other deductions from the minimum wage are actually higher than what appears. Considering the visible-invisible, indirect-direct cuts of the minimum wage, it is seen that only 49 percent of the minimum wage is received as net income. 51 percent of the minimum wage goes to taxes and deductions. Minimum wage cost $ 1537Of these, tax and deductions go.
  • More tax was charged than the minimum wage. The tax on minimum wage and low-income workers was increased by keeping the first tax bracket tariff low. The minimum wage earners began to enter the second tax bracket in the second half of the year. In 2002 and 2003, the first tariff tariff was 15-16 times the minimum wage. 2019The first tax bracket tariff has decreased to 7 times the minimum wage.
  • The minimum wage has also melted rapidly against the currency. The minimum wage in foreign currency has declined considerably in recent years. The minimum wage, which was US $ 371 in 2008, reached US $ 339 in 2009 due to the crisis, from US $ 430 in 2016 to US $ 357 in 2019. US dollars level.
  • The minimum wage lost 11 Republican gold. the central bankAnnual average of Republic gold According to the prices in 2003, 25 gold with the annual amount of the minimum wage can be collected. As of 2019, only 14 Republican golds can be collected with an annual net minimum wage.
  • The average minimum wage in China and Turkey closer together. Turkey in terms of dollars cheap labor paradisewhat is transforming. In 2016, the difference between the two countries was $ 185, while in 2018, this difference declined to $ 96.
  • The minimum wage increase has lagged behind the increase in gross domestic product per capita in the last two decades. As the minimum wage increase is well below the national income increase, workers with minimum wage suffered serious losses and were relatively impoverished. In other words, the share of employees with minimum wage in national income decreased. Minimum wage ascending national wealthcould not get its share.
  • The minimum wage should be determined clearly and excluding the AGI. As it is known, until 2008, wage earners received tax rebates from the government in return for invoices and receipts they collected. In 2008, the Minimum Living Allowance (AGI) was introduced instead. With the inclusion of the OSCE, the net minimum wage has become higher than it is. However, AGI is not paid by the employer and is not paid. The net minimum wage is the amount paid by the employer to the worker. On the other hand, OSCE is a support provided by the state. As of 2019, the minimum wage excluding AGI is actually TL 1829, not TL 2021.

Based on all these findings, Çerkezoğlu listed the demands for the 2020 Minimum Wage as follows:

  • Minimum wage account international standardsand the worker's family must be taken into consideration.
  • The minimum wage should be determined through collective bargaining.
  • 131 on the determination of minimum wage ILO Convention oUnapproved should, European Social CharterThe reservation regarding the minimum wage should be removed.
  • Women's representation should be provided in the minimum wage determination commission.
  • TURKSTAT account should be the lower limit in determining minimum wage.
  • Minimum wage net and AGI should be calculated except.
  • A single minimum wage must be set for all workers and civil servants.
  • The minimum wage should be a living wage.
  • There can be no minimum wage increase less than the revaluation increase rate.
  • Targeted minimum wage increase inflation rates cannot be taken as basis.
  • Living conditions and minimum wage determination national income ar must be considered.
  • The minimum wage must be calculated annually and completely excluded from tax.
  • In determining the minimum wage, the right to participate in all workers' confederations should be ensured, the Minimum Wage should be determined by national collective bargaining and should include the right to strike in case of disagreement.

'A minimum wage worthy of human dignity is not grace, but right'

Çerkezoğlu, net in 2017 $ 2000, Net in 2018 $ 2300Net in 2019 $ 2800 stating that they demand minimum wage, said:

"It is possible to calculate the minimum wage level according to various methods. The details of the minimum wage demand of DISK are based on two principles in our report.

The first principle is that the minimum wage is the minimum living wage. Here the poverty line should be taken into consideration. DISK and Turk-İş calculate poverty line. We took these accounts into account. Assuming that two people work in the family, the minimum wage should not be less than half of the poverty line. Based on half of the average of DISK and Turk-İş's poverty line data, the minimum wage below 3 thousand 485 TL would mean staying below the poverty line.

The second main consideration that we take into account in the minimum wage demand is the increase in National Income Per Capita. Presidency Taking into account the national income account per capita in the 2020 Annual Program, the minimum wage should be determined to be at least 2 thousand 600 TL in 2020.

Considering both the average of these two administrations, both the living wage and the increase in the national income, the minimum wage of 2020 is the 'minimum' net 3 thousand 200 TL should be call.

A minimum wage worthy of human dignity is not grace but right.

We urge the workers who produce all the values ​​and beauties of this country to stand side by side in this struggle for rights and dignity. "

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