Disclosure of the sale of Rand license plates to luxury cars + video, photo


The chief of the traffic police announced the sale of the license plates to motor vehicles by a license plate replacement contractor.

News of the license plates being handed over to luxury and luxury cars in the controversial cyberspace has come to the forefront of users' attention, according to Sputnik.
Commander of the Raja Najra Police, Sayed Kamal Hadianfar, denied the sale of the license plates, saying that random plates were to be distributed among the applicants, but unfortunately some contractors defied the notification and handed over the license plates to specific car owners. And if the traffic police in their investigation find that the car has received a license plate based on the relationship, the car will be immediately confiscated and the license plate removed.

Users say luxury cars with city license plates are very popular throughout the city, and even before that, there was a special place for car license plates in the area of ​​car license plate replacement. These users say that money is the first word everywhere in Iran, and that many things happen by accident to some special people, and that in fact it is not difficult to get a license plate for luxury cars.

Some users oppose the Rand license plate for their cars and believe that the Rand license plate is for luxury cars and not expensive cars like Pride. Some users also point out that the Rand license plate helps the traffic police more quickly record and deal with the offending driver if they do not comply with the driving license plate.

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