"Difficult decision" … Does the Sudanese transitional government have to normalize with Israel?


Sudanese experts and observers said that the current transitional government is not far from establishing relations with Israel in order to achieve its economic and political interests with the United States, especially the removal of Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

As for whether Sudan's removal from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism is linked to opening a course for relations with Israel, the director of international relations in the mass-circulation Sudanese newspaper Al Mutanha, Muthanna Abdel Kader, told Sputnik that there was no objection to me. The transitional government of establishing relations with Israel, in order to achieve its objectives and Sudan's economic interests.

But Abdul Qadir ruled out that the United States remove the name of Sudan from the list of terrorism and lifting economic sanctions within a year or two, pointing out that Washington's demands to achieve the Sudanese goal are a number of issues are to achieve peace, and to stop the conflicts in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan, so it must From the achievement of a comprehensive peace, the US administration can then consider this at the level of internal affairs. "

"On the regional and international levels, the United States wants Sudan to agree to establish relations with Israel, and I believe that the transitional government can normalize relations with Israel, which will be necessary, in the interest of the Sudanese, to improve economic conditions when US sanctions are abolished."

Abdel Qader cited what happened at the end of the seventies of the last century, when the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, in his view, to "resolve his internal crises, by signing the Camp David agreement with Israel, which ended the war between the two countries, and reduce the negative repercussions on the Egyptian economy by the conflict.

Abdelkader also said that Sudan is not on the agenda of the US agenda, pointing out that during the participation of the transitional government, Abdullah Hamdouk, representative of Sudan in the UN General Assembly, he did not meet with President Donald Trump, and also during the current visit to the United States will not meet American.

"Sudan will be a priority on the US agenda when the Sudanese transitional government moves towards establishing relations with Israel."

The head of Sudan's transitional government, Abdullah Hamdouk, arrived in Washington on Sunday, heading a large ministerial delegation on a visit to the United States for several days.

On the purpose of Hamdouk's visit to Washington, Abdul Kader said, "The visit aims mainly to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, in addition to gaining US support during the Friends of Sudan Conference, which will be held in Khartoum this December in order to support Sudan's budget for 2020."

For his part, Director of the Sudanese Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Dr. Fatih Mahjoub, told Sputnik, "The United States wants Sudan to remain on its list of states sponsoring terrorism, which helps it blackmail the Sudanese government and force it to implement policies that meet its interests in the region, in addition to Its security and political interests, taking advantage of Sudan's need to forgive its debts, require US approval. "

"As long as Sudan remains on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, it is impossible for the US administration to assist him on the debt issue," Mahjoub said.

Regarding the fact that the Sudanese transitional government has a tendency to establish relations with Israel, Mahjoub said, "Arab countries in general have informal relations with Israel, and this is exactly what the Sudanese government position has flirted with the Jews through previous statements by the minister of religious affairs."

"But Hamdouk's current visit to the United States has nothing to do with the issue of normalization with Israel, but in return the delegation can provide clear answers on ending Sudan's status as an enemy of Israel."

"The transitional government aims to reform the economy. It has made the abolition of Sudan in the list of state sponsors of terrorism an absolute priority, because debt relief and access to new funding is the core of its program and therefore used its relations with European, Arab and African countries to pressure Washington to achieve this purpose," the political expert said. .

At the same time, Mahjoub says that "the interests of Sudan, to stand with the position of the Arab League, it is so far the only supporter of Sudan," pointing to the earlier statements of the President of the Council of sovereignty, Abdel Fattah Burhan, that Sudan's position is part of the Arab position based on Arab Peace Initiative.

For his part, political activist, Mubarak Ardoul, in a statement, told "Sputnik", the idea of ​​establishing relations between Sudan and Israel if it is in the interest of Sudan.

"It is well known that building relations between states is based on common interests, away from any ideological trends or intellectual conflicts," Erdol said.

"In order to achieve the interests of Sudan, officials must study or design the form of relations with Israel, and is looking at the extent of the benefits of Sudan from these relations and the level of losses, if we find the benefits are the most, we establish relations with the State of Israel in order to achieve our interests."

Erdol also stressed the need for the Sudanese government to poll public opinion before establishing relations with any country, "because it is very important to know the Sudanese public opinion because the real actor of the stability of the transitional government."

For his part, Sudanese expert in international relations, Dr. Rashid Mohamed Ibrahim, told Sputnik, the experiences of some Arab countries in establishing relations with Israel, saying, "The gains made by these Arab countries behind the establishment of relations with Israel, vary from one country to another. Arab states in formal or informal relations with Israel, came to achieve political and security objectives in the first place. "

"For example, the ring countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria), because they are neighbors of Israel, had to deal with them in one way or another."

He pointed out that "Israel is looking to build political and economic relations at a distance from its regional neighborhood, went to the depth of Africa, especially in some countries of the sources of the Nile (Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan)," pointing out that Israel wants to join the blocs of African countries Or Arab for their support in international forums.

"Israel also wants to join the security systems in the Red Sea and the security systems of the downstream countries of the Nile River. In any case, Sudan was not far from Israel's objectives at the present time and will not be in the future."

It is noteworthy that the former regime, led by Omar al-Bashir, has announced since coming to power in 1989, that it supports the Palestinian people to get their full legitimate rights, especially the right to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

It should also be noted that in October 2012 press reports spoke of the raid by Israeli Air Force aircraft on a Sudanese site, an arms factory.

Later, media reports said that residents of the coastal city of Port Sudan saw Israeli planes changing a car owned by a citizen who was said to be secretly supplying weapons to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

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