Details of the first day of the trial of the most prominent ministers and businessmen of the Bouteflika era


The court of Sidi M'hamed on Wednesday witnessed an unprecedented trial of the most prominent businessmen and ministers of the era of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in cases related to the installation of cars, where the former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, In addition to former industry and transport ministers and influential businessmen, all were charged with wasting public funds, abusing the job and giving undeserved benefits outside the law.

Algeria – Sputnik. Today, the court of Sidi M'hamed in Algiers has witnessed tight security reinforcements, given the record influx of journalists and citizens in order to follow up on what has been described as a "historic trial" of the most prominent aspects of the regime of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. As expected, the majority of lawyers boycotted the pleadings, condemning what they called the absence While the majority of the defendants held the right to defense, former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia was the first defendant to start his case by demanding that the court implement Article 177 of the Constitution, which stipulates the need to establish a "High State Court to try the president of the republic". Effective, which can be described as high treason and the Prime Minister for the felonies and misdemeanors they commit in the performance of their duties, such as arguing the lack of jurisdiction of the Court of Sidi M'hamed, a request rejected by the Attorney General, who stressed that the absence of the Supreme Court (did not establish and did not install its members) authorizes the ordinary court to directly prosecute the accused .

On the charges against him, Ouyahia denied the exploitation of his job, or favoring businessmen at the expense of others, stressing that the reason for the selection of five vehicles from among dozens of files, is to work not to empty the public treasury of foreign currency.

The former secretary general of the National Democratic Rally admitted to having an unauthorized bank account, stressing that the money in it (30 billion centimeters, about $ 2 million) has nothing to do with his job, without specifying the source of the funds.

For his part, former Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal denied his relationship with the terms of the car installation, holding full responsibility for the former Minister of Industry, Abdel Salam Bouchareb (fugitive from justice), stressing in this regard in his answer to the judge's questions that he was not granted any privilege to businessmen at the expense of others , Including businessman Ahmed Maazouz, who is a partner to his son Fares Selal, is also on the same file.

In another, Basal denied having disregarded the large amounts of money injected into the accounts of the fifth campaign, outgoing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Regarding his unauthorized private funds, Selal acknowledged that he had forgotten to authorize a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Former Transport Minister Abdelghani Zalan denied opening two bank accounts during the campaign for Abdelaziz Bouteflika, succeeding Abdelmalek Sellal, who was removed from his post two weeks after the start of the popular movement on February 22. He also insisted that he would not receive any centimeters from Bouteflika campaign financiers. Who pumped 75 billion centimes (over $ 5.5 million) into the campaign's accounts.

Like his predecessor, former industry minister Youssef Yousfi denied any connection to the book of conditions for the installation of cars, which the judge described as illegal, stressing that he found many abnormal things borne by his predecessor in the position (Abdel Salam Bouchareb fugitive from justice).

Following the interrogation of several defendants, businessmen and tires in various sectors that dealt with the file of the installation of cars, and in the face of the refusal of some defendants to defend themselves without lawyers, the judge decided to suspend the session to continue the stages of the trial tomorrow starting at ten in the morning.

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