'Demographic reengineering' of Hindu supremacism


The Hindu supremacism is not less and is more and more like its similar to the US, with the trumpism, and the Israel of his first Netanyahu, fallen out of favor, but who maintains in his Constitution that only a Jew can access the Presidency, apart from apartheid against the Palestinians.

Hindu ethnicity, which framed the second murder of Mahatma Gandhi, with its majority of 80%, is no less because of its enormous geopolitical relevance – which many policy makers in Washington seek to push to counter China's unstoppable rise, through the Indo-Pacific geoeconomic device in conjunction with Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
When the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is measured through the Purchase Parity / Purchasing Power, India appears as the third country behind China and the US, and before Japan.
Just as the Anglo-Saxon geopolitologists of the twentieth century, from MacKinder to Brzezinski, did the impossible to decouple Russia and Germany – from which the hatching of the dying NATO today was largely discussed – today, their new geopolitologists are trying to disconnect the India of China, although the two belong to the bricks block of the BRICS and, when the Government of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphatically did not participate in the configuration of the RCEP, the largest geoeconomic block of the moment on the planet.

The dynamics towards Hindu supremacism that embodies Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems unstoppable and today is entrenched with increasingly irreversible decisions.
Of the almost 1.3 billion Indians, a 80% are of Hindu religion and 14.2% are Muslims (almost 200 million), which makes the Mohammedans, due to recent measures by the Government of Delhi, the highest global minority in paradoxical form.
Surprisingly, the demographic pyramid of India states that 44.77% are under 24 years of age. Its average age is 28.1 years, which makes it a Hindu supremacism raised by millennials.

Already in November, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that a Hindu temple, reminiscent of the birthplace of the Hindu deity Rama, could be built on the sacred site of Ayodhya, where the Babri Masjid mosque, a jewel, had been destroyed in 1992 16th-century Islamic, which led to inter-community killings with a balance of more than 2,000 dead.

With the court ruling, Modi's promise to rebuild the temple to Rama can be fulfilled.

There are also temples in Varanasi and Mathura where mosques were built superimposed on temples venerated by the Hindus, which predicts the paroxysm of the Hindu supremacism flagged by the Hindutva: the Hindu home uttered almost a century ago by the prossionist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. The Zionist home It is nothing distant from the Hindu or virtual home Zionist evangelist home from the USA
As if this were not enough, the new anti-Muslim law of citizen adoption, promoted by Prime Minister Modi, has catalyzed "fear, panic and protests in India."
The new law grants citizenship to non-Muslims who migrated illegally to India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which is forbidden to the Mohammedans and calls into question the lay foundations of Hindu / Muslim coexistence, which had been the flag of today's decrepit plural-oriented Congress Party.

It is not about isolated measures. Assam is a state that pays for anti-Islamic discrimination: it has a population of 35 million inhabitants, with about 35% of Muslims, where Indian citizens are separated from undocumented migrants, mostly of Bangladesh origin, who He was part of Pakistan of the once British India and then separated from its two Islamic entities: Pakistan / Bangladesh.

More than 70 years later, India still suffers the ghosts of their separation of its two Muslim entities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The situation in West Bengal – with almost 100 million inhabitants and 27% of Muslims -, also bordering Bangladesh, is no different from that of Assam. Also the state of Uttar Pradesh, with 200 million inhabitants – the most populous in India and seat of the famous Taj Mahal mosque – runs serious risks due to the presence of its Muslim minority (20%).
Ayesha Siddiqa, of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, comments that the change in the political status of the princely state of Jammu-Kashmir – with 15 million inhabitants and only one state in Muslim-majority India (75%) versus 24% Hindus – today degraded to a vulgar "territorial union" ruled from the capital, New Delhi, constitutes "a risky move" where India "may be tempted to deal with the Jammu-Kashmir struggle as Israel treats the intifada Palestinian. "According to Siddiqa, the absorption of Jammu-Kashmir by the Hindu supremacism It looks a lot like the elusive and regressive peace plan from Trump to the Middle East, which tries to appease protests through economic incentives.

The similar discriminatory treatment of illegal Muslim migrants by the Hindu supremacism With the mistreatment of illegal Mexican migrants in the US, it is no coincidence: they are part of the convergence of two supremacisms, that of the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Anglo-Saxon Protestant Whites) from Trumpism and of Hindu ethnationalism, which reaches its racist acme in Israel with its anti-Palestinian supremacism that, gradually, annihilates its Arab identity.
Indian supremacism reaches ominous dimensions, which far exceed the supremacisms of the US and Israel, due to its immense demographic volume.
Israel has 8.5 million inhabitants, which includes 200,000 Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem and another 22,000 settlers in the Golan Heights, annexed unilaterally, whose 74.7% is defined as "Jewish (more by religious adoption than by ethnicity and / or ethereal citizenship) ".

For its part, the US has 300 million inhabitants, with 62% of "Protestant whites" and 18% of "Latinos", whose 80% are Mexican.

Sometimes the dynamics of the demographic engineering subsumes a "biological warfare" in the long term that does not provide the desired results, as in the case of "Jewish supremacism (whatever that means) ", when, according to figures from the Israeli Army," more Arabs than Jews live in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, "between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, where 13 million people live, half of whom are Palestinians, from the confession of Ronald Lauder, president of the Jewish World Congress.
Nor has Trump's white supremacism and his "Palestinianization of Mexicans" had the desired success, since California – the main US economy, with 52 electoral votes – is a Mexican majority state, while Texas – the second most prosperous state , tied with New York, and with 38 electoral votes – is about to have a Mexican majority in the new redistricting electoral, which explains the ontological need of President Trump to erect his wall in his state border.
India lives the transition from his old regime democrat and plural, which created and fed the troubled Congress Party, towards a new unipolar theocratic regime with its Hindu party of Bharatiya Janata.

Today wars seem to be demographic in Israel / USA / India with their respective convergent supremacisms.


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