Demand for closing of the Congress of Peru will be resolved before the January elections


LIMA (Sputnik) – The Constitutional Court of Peru (TC) reported that its ruling on the demand for unconstitutionality for the dissolution of Congress will be processed before the elections of January 26 to elect a new Legislative Power.

"We will seek that (the sentence) is before the elections. It is not up to me, it is not only a matter of the rapporteur because (the demand) has to enter the debate and I understand that it will enter the debate the first week of January," he told the local press the magistrate in charge of preparing the report before the plenary of the TC, Carlos Ramos.

On September 30, President Martin Vizcarra decreed the dissolution of Congress, ceasing parliamentarians from their posts.

At the beginning of October, the former president of Congress, Pedro Olaechea, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Legislative asking that the measure of the Executive will be declared unconstitutional.

The TC met on December 4 to hear the arguments of the representatives of the Legislature and the Executive.
The rapporteur will prepare a report, although it was warned that the TC will be in recess between December 13 and January 2.

At the time of admitting the demand in November, the TC warned that a possible ruling favorable to the Legislature would not paralyze the legislative electoral process nor would it replace the ceased congressmen in their positions.

The sentence, the agency said, will aim to set a precedent to settle similar situations in the future.

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