Death absent global translator Saleh secular


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A Palestinian translator and writer, Saleh secular, died on Tuesday at the age of 70, a family member said.

"We are very saddened and saddened this morning by the death of my uncle, the father of my wife, the translator and great writer, Saleh al-secular in Spain," Yousif Bazlamit, Saleh's daughter-in-law, said on his Facebook page. ".

Saleh secular is one of the most important Arab translators, and the most famous translators of the novels of the international writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Born in the Syrian city of Homs in 1949, he studied Spanish literature and spent more than a quarter of a century serving Latin literature.

The most famous translators of "One Hundred Years of Solitude", "Love in the Time of Cholera", and "The Story of a Declared Death" from Spanish to Arabic, and other novels of the Marquis.

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